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Cryptoworld’s 10 Hottest stories from April 2009

Giant foot-shaped enclosures
Giant foot-shaped enclosures

1) Archaeological discovery enormous foot-shaped enclosures in Jordan
“The ‘foot’ structures that we found in the Jordan valley are the first sites that the People of Israel built upon entering Canaan and they testify to the biblical concept of ownership of the land with the foot,” said archaeologist Prof. Adam Zertal.

On the eve of the Passover holiday, researchers from the University of Haifa reveal an exceptional and exciting archaeological discovery that dates back to the time of the People of Israel’s settlement in the country
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2) American made UFO spotted in Afghanistan
An unidentified, jet propelled UAV has been spotted operating from an American airbase in Afghanistan. It’s a flying wing design, similar to the X-45s and X-47s built as development aircraft for the U.S. Air Force and Navy.
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3) Ring shaped UFO filed near Los Angeles Airport
An interesting video of a Ring-Shaped UFO that first appeared on Youtube in December 2008 has started doing the usual rounds, but before you dismiss it, have a look as it does look intriguing.
Watch the video here >>>

Duffus Castle big Cat
Duffus Castle big Cat

4) Big Cat photographed near Duffus Castle, Scotland
Two very intreging photos of a what looks like a large black cat near Duffus Castle, Scotland on Easter Sunday 2009.
See the pictures and read the full story here >>>

5) Betty & Barney Hill Alien Abduction exhibition
The case of Betty and Barney Hill is perhaps one of the most famous alleged UFO abductions cases from the early days of Flying Saucers and UFOs, now a major exhibition has opened with thousands of items belonging to the Hills – from the torn dress Betty wore that night, to tapes of the Hills recounting their experience under hypnosis.
Read and watch the full story here >>>

6) UFO filmed Near Asteroid 2009-DD-45
Video of an unknown object purposely avoiding and Asteroid – could it be a UFO? Or a totally new generation of terrestrial aircraft?
Watch the Asteroid video here – also read the comments!!! >>>

Almost perfectly preserved baby Mammoth
Almost perfectly preserved baby Mammoth

7) Milk and Feces found in preserved baby Mammoth
Fecal residue and traces of prehistoric milk have been found in the digestive track of an almost perfectly preserved baby mammoth, according to a new analysis.
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8 ) Mystery animal photographed in New Zealand
A mysterious creature, about the size of a large dog has been photographed by tourists in New Zealand.
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9) Gum Hill Beast (Bigfoot) Video?
Humm, questionable footage of Bigfoot type creatures are always cropping up. The latest video to do the rounds is this, the Beast of Gum Hill.
Watch the video here >>>

10) Collection of NASA Anomalies – aka UFOs
A great compilation of NASA footage showing unknown objects. Some just happen to pass by the field of view, while others appear to be purposly tracked and discussed by NASA.
Watch the video here >>>


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