Gum Hill Beast (Bigfoot) Video?

Questionable footage of Bigfoot type creatures are always cropping up. The latest video to do the rounds is this, the Beast of Gum Hill.

Footage of The Beast Of Gum Hill while ATV riding on 04/05/09 at approximately 6:30pm. This is the 2nd time I have seen this creature/bigfoot called The Beast Of Gum Hill. This is the first time we managed to capture it on video. This is the first known video footage of the BOGH, there was a still photo taken in the early 80’s that I remember seeing . The camera used was a cheap digital VuPoint 5.0 With waterproof case that I use while fiming my ATV rides. Local legend has talked about this non-aggressive, reclusive beast for a little over 100 years. The BOGH is around 7ft tall and guesstimated at 350 lbs. I have used the name The Beast of Gum Hill on my ATV videos as a tribute to the local legend.

A short Q&A by the owner of the ATV can be found on the Mid-American Bigfoot Research Centre forum.


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