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We used to published a weekly roundup of some of the ‘more interesting’ UFO stories that we found floating around the internet. They were quite popular, so we thought we start them again ~ although we can’t promise weekly updates, we till try! 👽

Dome house resembling a UFO is for sale in Oregon woods

Look to the sky for UFOs no longer — there’s one built into an Oregon hillside, and it could be yours. The One of a kind property tucked away on wooded, sloped acreage. Situated close to Eugene in the beautiful, much sought after Lorane valley.

The 855-square-foot single family home looks like a spaceship and is on the market for a cool $269,000 ~ source: realtor.com.

Senator Marco Rubio
“Let’s I.D. the UFOs flying over our Military Bases”

Marco Rubio Talks to TMZ About UFOs and the Possibility of Alien Life: ‘There’s Stuff Flying Over Military Installations’ We Can’t Identify.

We got the U.S. Senator from Florida out Monday at Reagan National Airport and asked him about UFOs and aliens. Our intent was a lighthearted convo, but Rubio got dead-ass serious about the potential danger the U.S. faces from unidentified aircraft flying over our military installations.


UFOs hovering in the minds of the British public, survey reveals!

A nationwide survey has revealed that 11 per cent of the British public think they have actually seen a UFO, 26 per cent believe that aliens exist and more than half agree that intelligent life exists somewhere else in the universe.

The poll, commissioned by the Blaze TV channel, also revealed the widely held belief that intelligent life exists beyond our world, according to 56 per cent of those who responded.

More than a quarter (27 per cent) think the UK government should have a war or battle plan in place for a potential alien invasion, while nearly a third (31 per cent) feel there should be a dedicated task force for dealing with extra-terrestrial threats.

Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator who has been advising Blaze ahead of the TV channel’s ‘UFO Week’, said, 2021 is going to be a big year for UFO stories, particularly with the US Department of Defense due to reveal UFO information following the enactment of the Covid-19 Relief Bill, which included a demand that the Director of National Intelligence send Congress a report about UFOs.

Source: E&T

UFO report includes ‘difficult to explain’ sightings, former US intelligence chief says

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said that UFOs have been spotted that replicate actions human beings do not have the technology for and break the sound barrier without a sonic boom. He stated that “there are a lot more sightings than have been made public,” adding that in some instances, it was not a single pilot or satellite that noticed the extraterrestrial activity, but a host of sensors that detected it.

Military pilots and satellites have recorded ‘a lot more’ UFO sightings than have been made public.

Video of UFO Over Cheyennewarning contains swearing

MUFON Eyewitness states: As we were leaving from our night shift noticed long bright light crossing sky. It was super long and was traveling slower than a meteor and faster than a air plane took about 3 to 4 min to cross sky and it appeared to split. When we could look and see what looked like the tail of the two split objects the rear of the object was very bright sorta appeared to have like fire coming out the back.

The object appears to be moving slower than a meteor, but maybe faster than an airplane — so what is it? UFO, Aliens, something else?

We’ll try and publish another roundup of stories next week — if you have seen a UFO, out of place Wild Animal, Bigfoot or anything weird, drop us a line and we might publish your story.


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