Islington Ufos?

Orange balls of light seem over South London

Islington UFOs?
Islington UFOs?

Crowds of people gathered in Balham and Tooting (South London) last week to watch two sets of orange lights fly in formation across the night sky.

The lights were seen shortly before midnight on Friday (4th August). Four lights were seen moving across the night sky before disappearing up into the sky.

Shortly after that another set of four lights appeared and did the same thing. Witnesses said the lights moved silently, they were making no noise at all.

Aliens? UFOs? Or just Lanterns?

UPDATE: there are now lots of sightings and reports on Cryptoworld. One possible answer to all of this can be found here Lights, Lanterns and UFOs! Alternatively, check out the Similar Posts links below.

UPDATE: 4th March 2012: Video: Meteor seen across Britain, 3rd March 2012


CW Staff
CW Staff

In the late 80s I started investigating UFOs and crop circles and joined the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies) and a local group researching strange sightings and reports along the south coast of Dorset (UK). In the early ’90s I started my own research group called SPS (Strange Phenomena Studies), this was renamed in 2004 to Cryptoworld.

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  1. axminster, devon
    1st night: 22:15 2nd night: 23:45
    last week (23 – 24 may 2007) for two nights in a row 6 orange silent balls of light that seemed to spin on their own axis, flew from the north and dissapearded into space in the south east of our town. the 1st night they flew in a line following each other, while the 2nd night 2 of them stayed behind just hoovering for a good ten minutes befor shifting. the 2nd night was strange because i was sat inside watching tv, and the thing that made me look out the window was a buzzing in my earhole.

    • me and a group of friends witnessed yellowish/orangeish lights that sound and look a lot like this! as a thunderstorm was subsiding, around 9pm in wroclaw, poland. there were between 7-10 of them, floating up slowly into the clouds and being bright evenw hen they entered dark clouds, until vanishing..

    • i just sore 1 of thes with my freind moved realy fast not a plain or choper wen we were wondering what this thing in the night sky is looks like the north star but its yellow and it dus not move

  2. June 01, Silent orange ball of light seen hovering for several minutes over Lansing Michigan, before slowely rising back into space.

  3. At about 7.15pm today – 9 July 07 – I saw three bright lights very high in the sky whilst walking on Wandsworth Common. They gradually (over a ten to fifteen minute period) appeared to fade and grew more distant. Did anyone else spot them? Anyone know what they were?

  4. Ronnie / Daniel / Sarah, thanks for your comments.

    It appears that a lot of people are seeing strange lights all over the UK in the last 12 months. I would be very interested to hear from anybody else who has seen anything similar.

    As always, please leave a comment or use the contact page.

  5. check youtube website seems to be most up to date as i saw a “ufo” only yesterday 22/07/07 over london and took pics which other people have reported bearing witness to also and even managing to catch footage. My whole accont of the even is posted…

  6. it was 30th of december 07 as in yesterday when i was looking out my window in foresthill south east london and noticed strange hovering lights made misty because they where berhind low clouds, it was about midnight and there was about six little balls of lights in one area of the sky for about 5 minutes then they made a shape togethjer like a upside down rainbow and they managed to do this in less than a secound then dissapeared but i could see them still hovering and playing about with each other, following each other for another minute after…then i called my brother up to show him and there was one left that had chjanged color to a more pale orange and then it dissapeared into the clouds…this is what i saw and it was strange and didnt seem normal..

  7. Just seen an orange ball of light which just went out after 20 seconds. Was followed by some kind of vapour /smoke trail. Manchester UK 16th March 2008

    • I saw a big orange ball with a tail. I thought it was a meteorite, But it stopped between my house and my neighbors house. It crackled and disappeared. I thought I was hallucinating. Eight months past by and now I saw another orange ball with a tail. I could see it was not a meteorite. The flight was controlled. It looks like the orange ball forms a black hole and the orange ball explodes through the hole. It was weird.

  8. I saw four orange balls floating silently in a pyramid in the sky on 4th May 2008 @ 23.10.My brother and I even got some film footage on his camera phone. I could not gage the height or distance of the balls but the length of time they spent in the night sky was unlike anything I have witnessed before. I have no idea what these balls were but they were floating in the northern sky above Didsbury in Manchester, England.

  9. On 27th April 08 @ 23.30 we witnessed at least 12 of these orange globes in 2 lots of 6 and in some sort of row,there was no noise?they were high in the sky for about 3 or 4 minutes before slowly disappearing south over the houses.Got to admit Iv’e seen nothing like this before.

  10. Saturday 21st June I was in Dover when 3 of us saw these orange balls coming over the horizon. One would appear then another and so on. There were at least 12 or so in total in perfect formation. There was no noise and one of them at one point speeded up and caught up with the one in front. It lasted for at least 15 mins…We have racked our brains and we have no explination of what it was…HELP!

  11. Thanks to everybody for all your comments (reports). It sounds like there is something weird going on which deserves investigating.

    I’m just redesigning this site at the moment and will update this story and add some new ones that are also related to this subject.

    Thanks again…

  12. we saw them to over manchester on saturday june 21st 2008.
    im led to believe they are large chinese sky lanterns.
    made of paper with little flames/lamps in them that make them rise, hence them disappearing.

    we saw the first lot that appeared to be in formation moving at a constant speed. 4 in a triangle formation with 1 in the middle.
    the one in the middle went out. maybe they were all tied together?

    we continued to see 3 or 4 more following the exact same path at a high speed.
    30 minutes later 3 more 1 at a time at higher speed moving across the sky following the same trajectory.

    None of them stopped and changed direction. The lights didnt change. just glowed bright orange with almost a halo around them.
    They did appear brighter as they moved towards us then dimmer as they past by.

    i can only presume they are sky lanterns which are very popular across the world.

    google search them.


  13. Yup saw the same thing last night, we live in streatham Common at around 10.30pm the orange and what looked like fire balls moved very slowly but made sharp movements. I’am generaly a compleat sceptic but me and the misses both looked at them for around 5 mins and they disapeared over the Thames. very odd.

  14. On Sunday 3rd August 2008 about 15mins after midnight, my husband called out to me to come to the front door quickly, as I looked with him into the sky there were orange balls of light in the distance these were in perfect formation there were two rows of six balls and then a complete upside down triangle of three balls this pattern continued again with one ball quite a way behind the main group of balls,this single ball suddenly shot across the sky as if to catch up with the others. They moved in silence for about 4 minuites then just disappeared. We have never seen anything like this in the sky before.

  15. around july 2007 i was in my back garden in essex at around 2.00 am, as i looked up i saw a beam of light comming from a vehicle above my garden that was making no noise at all, it seemed to be flying towards me really fast and clumsily i ran inside and locked the door and on occasions that night i kept hearing high pitched screeching noises. then on friday 18th july at 10 oclock there was an orange light flying past my window with a smaller luminated vehicle following it, i called my dad who is a complete sceptic and he even admitted it was odd as we both watched it disapear. On the 1st of august around 11 oclock am. i looked into the sky and saw what i thought was an airoplane it was very shiney but had no lights and very small if any wings which then disappeared before my eyes and did not go behind any clouds because there was’nt any! then last night 4th august i saw a bright light that just appeared out of no where heading for my direction then dissapeared. i believe im drawn to seeing these things and just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Somthing is happening sightings are becomming not frequent but regular, still there is no support network in place and such a topic would never reach the news for fear of uproar. does any one have an educated guess as to what they want do you think it may be linked to the 2012 predictions??
    Luv Anna xxx

  16. Just got really freaked out, last night (sunday 27th July approx 22:10 ) as i was just about to take the bin out , i caught sight of a bright orange ball in the sky,out of the kitchen window…. there were no stars out just this orange ball which , grew in size , started dancing about then disappeared, i thought i was seeing things and screamed for my husband, who caught the end of the first one, then a second one and third one appeared and did exactly the same thing….grew from a small dot, danced about then disappered. We managed to film one of them….first my husband thought it was a hot air balloon ( with no balloon or basket for people to stand in ) My husband just rang (Monday 28th July ) and asked if i read The Sun newspaper ….appparantly, it was reported that there were lots of UFO sightings over the weekend and in the paper are photos of exactly what we saw and filmed……Started off looking like the photo under Manchester heading and then looked like the photo of Goring…..

    Regards Rolanda and Chris Palmier

  17. Thirty minutes after midnight14th/15th February in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, I was a passenger in my car with my wife driving and two friends in the back when I noticed five orange balls in the sky. We stopped the car and got out and observed them move through the sky from West to East until they disappeared. They were not in any particular formation. All four of us are pensioners but have never seen anything like it before. When I got home I reported it to the police but I got a distinct impression that they were not interested in what I reported to them.

  18. I was in the car with my dad today (15th Feb 2009) when we saw an orange light in the sky in Alloa, Clackmannanshire. It was pretty big and looked close to us. Then after about 1 minute, it staryed rising into the sky and disappeared. My dads friend said she saw it last week!!! We were all scared. I think it was a UFO.

  19. Me and my friend saw 4 orange lights over Manchester city centre on friday 13th February. They seem to be rising and orange in colour and thn seemd to almost fade out. It was really strage because I ahve seen chinese sky lanterns before and did not look this. So we were not sure what they were!!

  20. feb 28th in manchester. Saw aboout 12 balls of orange flame hover above the sky above blackley at 8.20pm. They were in some kind of formation following each other over a few minute period. there was no noice but they graduly dissapeared one by one.

  21. 13 march, around 7pm, manchester. seen the same, 2 formations of triangular lights, made of 3 orange balls, followed by a single one, they looked like “sky skating”, not flying.. no sound at all was produced. really weird and unbelievable!! anyone has seen these ones in the same location, same date? really curious. i have them on the camera!

  22. at sea cadets on thursday 5th of march 2009 in preston there were five glowing orange “balls of fire” that were silent and appeared to be moving slowly as they passed overhead. we reported it and were laughed at. as they did this again we are sure they are not lanterns

  23. 21st March, driving into Manchester along the Mancunian Way, my husband and I saw 2 orange lights in the sky. At first they seemed static but then they started to move at first slowly and then very quickly across the sky. Then one rose up and faded slightly before moving back down and travelling underneath the other light which was again just hovering. They seemed too low to be a plane but too high and too close to be helicopters. We couldn’t imagine what they were – very curious.

  24. I have now experienced the five orange lights, twice. In September 2008, on holiday in Turkey, my husband and I were sitting on our balcony enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing before going out for our evening meal, when we spotted a couple of orange lights closely followed by three more all moving slowly across the sky. When I told the folks back home they were convinced we were drunk. If my husband had not experienced this with me he would never have believed me as he is very skeptical about anything of this nature. Then, blow me down, we have just got back from Thailand (March 2009), where we experienced the orange lights yet again. This time we were not drinking but just wondering back to our hotel. Two times, two different parts of the world, I really would love an explanation. Very spooky!!

  25. On 21st March at around 19.30, my wife, sister, mother and I watched five orange lights in a traingle formation near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. They weren’t as bright as street lamps and weren’t a reflection as the car windows were down as we drove. Several other people had spotted this as they were taking photos / videos with mobile phones.
    I can rule out aircraft in a stack towards Gatwick as they were completely stationary with no other lights visible. They must have been a few thousand feet in the sky (estimate), but were not flickering like a Chinese lantern might.
    We pulled over after a few minutes into a service station off the A21 and suddently the lights disappeared. And that was it. We checked out if anyone had seen these things on the internet and were surprised at how similar these reports are to what we saw. Additionally, we checked youtube under ‘orange lights in the sky’ and a few videos matched these descriptions.
    Very interesting – I am quite a sceptic and enjoyed the movie ‘Signs’ as much as anyone else, but that was as far as I believed in ‘UFOs’. I am trying to think of what else these lights might have been considering the frequency and geographical spread of the sightings in recent months. It’s easy to say ‘government’, but why would Brown et al want to put strange lights in the sky? … unless they are bankers strapped to rockets!

  26. 28th March 2009 around 9.45pm my wife and I saw three orange balls of light over Birmingham and moving in an easterly direction and gaining altitude. Weather conditions were clear with patchy cloud. They moved sightly erratically and were definitely not aircraft. We watched them for three of four minutes before they disappeared from sight. The only thing I can think it would possibly be missile test… but over Birmingham on a Saturday night? Nah, I don’t think so. I am a sceptic and do not believe in aliens but we’ve never seen anything like it and have no explanation.

  27. Last night, 11 April 2009 at 22.15 i saw at least 30 of these orange balls in the sky near Doncaster over a perdiod of about 20 minutes, they seemed to come in sets of 3 in pyramid formations and always seemed to stay the same distant apart. Eventually they disappeared lie a flame dying away. Ive never seen anything like it before and would love an explanation,

  28. just seen 4 orange balls all together then 2 went off in one direction and so did the other 2 then 30 secs later 2 of the balls went out. got some footage on my cam but u can only see 2 of them when there was four manchester 12.4.09 8.50pm

  29. sat night going to bed about 10 45pm saw 3 orange lights going over tarporley cheshire they looked like flames of hotair balloons 25 april

  30. sun 26th april around 11pm saw orange lights moving quickly across the sky. at first we thought it was a plane but then others followed 1 by 1, about 11 in total!!! 8 of us witnessed this as we had been having a bbq and sat in a hot tub.

    was this too much wine or did anyone else witness this?? Apart from the guy above.
    we were in Tytherington Macclesfield!!

  31. rich or kirstie was the orange light balls a constant image or did they flicker the ones we seen stayed the same until they went out, but on the video they flicker??

  32. 26th april 2009
    folks i can report similar orange/white type orb shapes over london. 3 of them, myself and three friends tracked them for the best part of 45 mins. one of these things began pulsiung a bright silver for 10 secs or so and then stopped nebver repeating the trick. they moved in independent directions from one another (having all moved together) proving they were not drifting on the wind.

    would really like to get in touch with you guys? please let me know if this is of interest to you

  33. I am very interested indeed in the comments from Kirstie as I also live in Macclesfield, about a mile from Kirstie. On Sat 25th April, day before Kirstie’s sighting, our son came in just after midnight and said “what’s this big orange thing in the sky?”. We ran out and there was a very large, very bright orange light hovering in an easterly direction. Our son saw it on his way up the road, but thought it was a street light through the trees as it was the same colour, until it suddenly moved quickly from south to north then stopped. It was stationary for about ten minutes then either slowly faded, or moved away to the east until it was no longer visible. There was no noise, and it was difficult to say how high it was. It did not flicker. By the time my husband had run in the house to find his video camera it was too small to catch on camera.
    I don’t think it was the wine Kirstie!

  34. i have just seen a perfect orange ball move fastly through the sky it looked like a ball of flame after about a minute it vanished what was that

  35. The date is 23rd May 2009. We have just witnessed orange balls in the sky which looks like lightening was coming off them – We then heard like a siren noise and both had an instinct that i was something UFO wise. This was in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

  36. sunday 24th may 2009, approx 10.15-10.30pm my husband just called me outside to look in the sky at a bright orange object travelling south to north type of direction. it looked like something on fire. my initial thought was the shuttle re-entering the atmosphere. apparently the shuttle has landed today but it seems earlier in the day but i’m not sure. coinicidence? very weird, it looked like a plane on fire that then started to go out, it then vanished????? this was in telford but definately miles and miles to the east?

  37. Date: 24th May 2009
    Time: 22:53
    Location: Clifton, Nottingham
    A glowing orange ball quickly flying across the sky, me and a few neighbours came to the conclusion that it was a ball of fire or a UFO.
    It was too quick to be a plane or helicopter.

  38. Saturday 23 May 2009 South London – saw the same as Tracey, but, er a day earlier!! About 9pm as it was just getting dark, whilst in the front garden watering in some new plants our three-year old said “mummy look at that big star” and big indeed it was – a bright ball of fire travelling very quickly from south to north. It also seemed really quite close and it went right overhead from where we live in SW16. Hubby and I thought a plane had caught fire and was about to suddenly drop! Packed our daughter back indoors, whilst we continued to watch expecting it to explode – but it continued travelling without a trail, until it just vanished in a small puff of smoke… I have to presume it was a meteorite of some kind? Anybody else see it? Fascinating!

  39. sunday 24 may 2009 at 10.05 pm saw a bright orange circular object in the sky to the west moving slowly watched for about 2 -3 minutes before it shot off in a southerly direction. Very interesting and now intrigued to know what it could have been

  40. i live in south wales neath port talbort and i also seen these orange fire like things vary high up in the sky so did my friends it looked like big balls of fire it was vary weard and qwite scarry to i saw 3 one after each other at 10.30 pm satarday nite

  41. Hi all – Last night Sunday 31st May 2009 between 10 and 11 pm I was having a ciggie out of the bathroom window, and I saw exactly what everyone else has described here. It looked like a ball of fire flying horizontally, but not at the same height that you would normally see a plane on it’s path. It also appeared to be ALOT bigger than a plane. It was totally bizarre. I went to get my partner (shouting my head off !), but the object had disappeared which I found almost impossible as I was gone literally only 3-4 seconds, and the speed that it was travelling at would’ve meant it should’ve still been in my field of view. It just vanished !

    What the hell was this thing ? It’s been on my mind all day, I’ve just googled it and this site came up, but no other mention of it in the news etc. ?

  42. @Jaz, there is a high probability that it unfortunately was just lanterns, but some people are seeing things that don’t fit the normal lantern pattern.

    Thanks to everybody else for you comments, it’s all very interesting.

  43. Glad I’m not going crazy, I saw the same thing as you Charlene (Post 43) I live in Bryncoch Neath and on that Sat night I was outside waiting for a lift to work. I only saw two orange lights at 10.30 over Cilma mountain, one at first travelled toward neath river and seemed to hover befor dissappearing into the cloud, just before it dissappeared another appeared over Cimla and took an identical flight path. Strange

  44. I saw the same thing last night with some friends. We were in the garden in Dulwich, South East London at about midnight and about 20 of these orange balls of light came over in a straight line and in formations of 2 or 3 at a time for about 20 minutes; unfortunately there were too many trees around for us to see where they went. I’ve never seen sky lanterns, but I’m sure it wasn’t that because they were much too big for lanterns at that height and they didn’t flicker at all and I would have thought lanterns would move about in the wind, whereas these just glided along smoothly as if they were solid. I’d love to know what they were! Did anyone else see them last night?

  45. My neighbors and I saw about 30 orange lights gliding by on the forth of july 2009 in bethlehem pa It was around 10:30 eastern time and they were going by very slowly in a straight line then took a formation which appeared to resemble the constellation pegasus they went behind some clouds and we did not see them again.

  46. I too saw three orange balls of light whilst out running on march 2009 at around 7pm. They were moving in a northerly direction at constant speed and faded out when they were right above me.
    I am use to spotting satellites but the strange thing was it was cloudy at the time of seeing them.
    Sighting was in Crewe, Cheshire. UK.

  47. 6 to 8 Orange Balls spotted in Suffolk also a approx 12.15am.

    Managed to grab my camera!

    What can I say, dont know what they were, maybe lanterns, who can say?

  48. Just seen the really wierdest thing ever – not a prank. Biggest orange ball went past my bedroom window – thought a place was on fire – ran outside (epsom, surrey) this balll of orange was travelling showed my wife so I knew I wasn’t going mad – I would usually dismiss anything like this – trust me when I say I’m a normal guy and that was f.wierd!!

  49. I too have photographed these things and more, and seen other strange stuff. Something is definitely going on. The way the radio and tv clam up amazes me. Anyone goes on the radio and mentions anything like this and they are ridiculed or cut off quickly. Definitely a government cover-up. i don’t think it is anything to be afraid of as no one ever seems to be harmed. But what are the governments of the world afraid of? that’s what I would like to know.

    There was a major incident last night in Streatham but I cannot find anything about it.

  50. Walking home last night 3 of us spotted a bright orange fireball type object moving fairly slow across the sky. It slowly dissapeared into the distance…….. as we turned around we saw another following the exact same route. I have never seen any thing like this before. each one lasted around 45 seconds.
    Was hoping to find that others had spotted the same thing. If anyone knows what we saw please let me know!!!!!

  51. Hi,
    We live in Torquay.
    On 25th July 2009, at 10.10 pm. My husband and I were driving home from Paignton when we saw a Bright Orange Glow similar to the ones previously mentioned.
    It was in the sky above the bay and moved slightly to the left of the Grand Hotel, it hovered there for about 3mins before moving off in the direction of the Willows.

    We drove up to Greenway Road for a better look, at that point 4 more appeared in formation, like dots on a dice, this was followed at an interval of 1min apart by 5 more one after the other, I would estimate there were 10 of them in total.
    They were all moving in the direction of the Willows, looking through binoculars they appeared to be ball shaped, the distance between each glow was equal.
    It appeared as if the first glow we spotted at the Grand was the forerunner to the others.
    There was no noise, they were definitely not aeroplanes or helicopters, in fact shortly after they had all passed we noticed a helicopter in the sky near by, which seemed to be observing them, (there was no mistaking the difference between a helicopter which had flashing lights and these Orange glowing ball shaped lights)
    Did anyone else see them on Saturday night?

    After seeing these glowing balls on the 25th July 2009 we went out 10.05 pm the following night to see if we could see them again.
    It was a rainy evening and visibility was not too good, we went up to Greenway Road to see if the Orange Glowing Balls would appear, we were just in time to see 3 spaced apart the same as last night but they were more inland travelling faster than last night, they disappeared from view faster than before (this could be due to the amount of cloud).

  52. I’ve just been so, so freaked. It’s quarter past three am, I live in Loughborough, and I just saw this freaky orange light in the sky. I thought it had to be a prank or a helicopter or something, but now I’m here I’m actually afraid. I don’t sleep that well, so I was pacing in the kitchen a bit to tire myself out and there was this orangey, yellowy flickering light in the sky, it moved slowly along and darkened and then went out. I was sure it was just me, but then I found you guys. There was only one, it couldn’t have been a star because it’s such a cloudy night and I don’t know what to think. The really scary bit is that no one has any kind of a rational explanation. Any theory or idea that doesn’t sound like a crazy person talking. I absolutely did not believe in aliens or anything at all until about fifteen minutes ago. Someone, please say something that does not mean that there are extraterrestrials flying about the UK skies.

  53. Hi, its a clear night here in Torquay, on our way home tonight from Brixham at about 10.15pm.we saw these Orange Glowing Balls over the Bay again, this time they were moving in a different direction, along the coast towards Teignmouth..
    There were at least 15 of them in a spiral formation, exactly the same distance between each, far too close to each other to be either helicopters or planes, and absolutely no noise was coming from them.
    They then started to fade out until there were 3 left, these formed a triangle before disappearing into the night sky.
    They are really freaky, I can’t believe they haven’t been seen by the authorities?
    Tonight, 3 of us saw them so there is no mistaking they were there.

  54. We’re in Bovey Tracey, Devon. Just like Maureen above my wife and I both saw a cluster of orange lights at 10 .47pm on Aug 1st. It was cloudless and clear and there was about 10 or possibly more orange or amber lights coming from the west towards the east or south east. No noise and no flashing beacons that you would expect from an aircraft. They seemed to reduce in number as we watched until, as I moved from back bedroom and went downstairs, they had gone completely.

  55. Last night, approx 930 pm i was driving home through Eastcote, ( near ruslip and south harrow)and saw two almost like mini suns, just a distance apart, slowly travelling acoss the night sky…I thought i was going mad as i had never seen something so weirdly odd, but yet intriging…i have to say, i really was un sure on what i was seeing or looking at, but the only way i can describe it was just like two mini suns!!..

  56. Last night at approx 9.45 , i saw one soundless ball of orange light moving very fast.It had no trail behind it like shooting star and its light was constant , not twinkling.It seemed either very big , or very close , but the way the light was emitting off it gave me the impression it was very big and far away .Ive seen many shooting stars and a fair share of satelites orbiting the Earth , but this like nothing i ve seen before.

  57. Hi Kevin,
    Glad someone else in our part of the world has seen these orange lights, we first saw them on the 27th July and again on the 28th. then nothing until yesterday.
    The ones yesterday must have turned inland after we saw them and headed towards Bovey Tracey the timing seems about right with the speed at which they appeared to be travelling.

  58. Hi All

    I live in hertford and I too saw lots of lights last night… around 9.30 I opened the back door to let my cat in and looking up (north/east from hertford) there were 3 evenly spaced orange glowing lights travelling north/west direction. At first I thought they might have been helicopters but they seemed to be travelling too close together and there was no noise or additional flashing lights. These 3 lights dissapeared into cloud but they were then followed by another 2 lights again flying close together and then another 3. Now these could have been chinese fire lanterns but the height/speed just didn’t seem right…. oddly enough after these 8 lights dissapeared into the cloud a minute later 2 planes (one following the original path and one intersecting it) appeared and flew into the same cloud….. All a bit odd and Im no fantasist

  59. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I live in Chingford NE London, and I just looked out my window which faces south and a view over central London and I saw two orange lights flying in our direction. I at first thought they were helicopters, but with no noise or flashing beacons. They then separated in different directions, one to the east and the other directly over our house. It then went above cloud level but I could still see it through the cloud. It then just faded and went. The third came in our direction again and dissapeared like the last. I thought maybe a flare but it isn’t bright enough. I live quite high on a hill, and when I first saw them they were ascending, which is why I thought they were some sort of firework. Wow!

  60. Last night (8/8/09) I saw a single fast moving orange flame flying over Islington. At first we thought it was a hot-air balloon but it was moving way too quickly for that, there simply wasn’t enough wind to make it go so fast.

    Very, very strange. What was it?

  61. hi … i live in Torquay. My Wife and i have seen a single one of these glowing orange balls in the sky, twice in the last 3 days…the thing is, it appeared at the same time on both occasions. ( 21:40pm)…weird!!!

  62. At 21:45 this evening (15/08/09) while outside we spotted a large orange ball of light like a glow of fire in the sky heading northeast, we are in Henlow in bedfordshire. It looked like the orange ball was in some sort of bag like a hot air balloon but this was not a hot air balloon. Then another one appeared about a minute later shortly followed by the third and final one. They all went the exact same direction and roughly at the same speed.


    just before midnight tonight in south west london, observed balls of light floating from east to west across from putney westwards.

    about 40 balls, each of them silent and moving in an unstable trajectory.

  64. I am not really into this ufo thing but last night 15th August 2009 around 22.30 or just after I went outside and saw orange lights in the sky about 7 or 8 coming from the London area and disappearing at about Dartford, I was in Swanley Kent. The lights kept coming and I must of seen around 50 -60 in all. I could only guess at them being military helicopters as they where almost silent. But no flashing lights on? Don’t even know if we have that many helicopters. only other thing I could think of was hot air balloons but moving to fast and at night? No idea anyone else see them or know what they where?

  65. I just saw the same lights in formation above the Ilford / Barking area of East London at around 10.30 this evening August 22nd 2009. At first I noticed 5 of them, all comming from the central / north east area of London and heading out towards Essex., then more appeared, roughly 10 of them. flying slowly. At first I thought they were helicopters, maybe military. They seemed to be travelling at the speeds helicopters do, as further high up I noticed a plane, with the usual flashing lights on its underbelly / travelling right above the orange lights and at much faster speed.
    I checked BBC and Sky news to see if there was an emergency, but nothing on the news.
    They were strange lights, exactly as the picture above.
    I dont think they were Chinese flying lanterns as the lights were at some distance from where I was I was, at least I assume they were. Maybe a couple miles, more a bit more, but at that distance with all the city lights etc, I cant believe Chinese flying lanterns would emit that much light to travel a few miles in a crowded suburb part of east london on a saturday night!.
    off course I want to believe they are aliens! who doesnt? but I’m trying to find a rational explanation to this… any ideas anyone?

  66. Hi,

    I am from Slovenia and latley we (I, my friends, family and others) have vitnesed the same stuff you all have ben discribing. I am traying to find out more on the net but there are no explanation what these glowing balls are. They are definitly not chinese lanterns or plains or helicopters or satalites. A friend of mine saw one from a distance of 50meters and she discribe it as a huge ball shaped light and there was nothing solid to be seen inside. I dont think science has done much to solwe the mistery. So if anyone konws what this is or what coses this lights please tell us.

  67. I got the orage lights on video on the 23rd August 2009. Im filming from Hayes (bromley) kent.
    They came from over from Dartford way and turned north towards Essex. There was about 20 in total. No flashing lights just an orange glow. If it had been a helicopter or plane I would of heard something but no not a sound.

    Check the video

  68. Was about 10:30pm 4th sept 09. was in the garden having a smoke when 2 rather bright orange lights had appeared in the sky headed east, they were flying quite close together below the clouds at a considerable speed. they were visible for around 3 minute or so then seemed to fade out as they got further away.

  69. About 1/2 hour ago we saw what looked like a hot air balloon, but going far too fast. About 3 mins later another one appeared. We could see these for about 3 mins as they faded off into the distance. Did anyone else see these in Bradford, West Yorkshire?

  70. September 12th 2009 at 21.45 sighted two orange balls in the sky above the A3 near Woking, Surrey
    Had roof down in car to admire the stars whilst driving back to essex.
    Other half saw them too, Must have been about 1000 ft above ground
    and 500 ft apart.. Flew across the sky !?!?

  71. I have just seen an orange (like burning) ball fly across the sky in Kings Heath Birmingham. It was not so very high, just above house height and glided across the sky with no noise. What could this be?

  72. I seen a fire ball in the sky in Torquay early september around 10pm. I dont know anyone else who say it but reading these comments at least makes me feel like im not going mad. But would still like to know what it was????

  73. This is sooo weird i thought i was the only one, but the thing is with me i only see 1 glowing orange orb BUT…… i have seen this that 6 TIMES NOW!!!!!!!!! and its driving me mad something is going on here i just wish i new what. U____U

  74. We have just seen 7 or 8 orange balls flying over the sky in Herne Hill. This happened at about 22.28 Saturday 17th October.
    What the hell where they?
    They definatly weren’t plains or helicopters or any other typical sky dwelling items!!!
    did we just witness u.f.o’s???

  75. 7 TIMES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saw it on the 23 last night U_____U what the hell is this thing. I aways see it in Rose Hill/ Morden

  76. Ive just come across this page after looking for reports about any objects seen in the sky above blackley, manchester. and after reading the comment it seams that ive seen the same thing

  77. Ok, just to say, I’m not a liar. And I know, most people make up stories like this, but I swear to you, I’m just a 13 year old girl. And it scared the hell out of me.

    I live in England, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. My family have these friends, live down the corner from us. So anyway, we went down the other day, yesterday I think or the day before, and we decide to stay late. The adults played this card game called wogga, and me, my brother James, and the mates kids Tasha and Frankie, go outside to play on the trampoline. It’s dark, but he’s got one of those outside lights so it don’t matter. Anyway, we’ve been outside for about ten minutes when we see this thing. It’s like it’s watching us. But appeared to the left of the trampoline and moved slowly and silently over the houses and disappeared on the right. It happened about five more times that night and each time from a different area, so it couldn’t have been a plane or anything that looked like that. Just a perfectly round, glowing ball of orange light. Almost like someone flying with a lantern.

    Then last night, we see it again. Except it didn’t just last a few seconds like it had previously, it went right across the top of our friend’s house, which really did scare me and the others. My brother’s 14, and as for the two girls. They’re 11 and 12, so they were really scared and almost in tears because something about it just made you want to run and hide. We saw it for about five times that night too, and ever since I’ve wanted to get to the bottom of it and find out what it is. I found this site and was so desperate to know we aren’t crazy.

    Lana xx

  78. there were about 6 in a complete row of what looked like balls of fire very bright in the sky then about 1 min after they slowy started rising up 1 by 1 again and they went high up moving slowly then quickly came towards the houses and wizzed over my house and other nearby ones as i told my friend about it so he was watching it to we were both shocked i dont kno how its lanterns because nobody does that stuff in my local community i want to no what it was if not lanterns then what ? commets ? im not sure

  79. Connock staffordshire UK there were about 6 in a complete row of what looked like balls of fire very bright in the sky then about 1 min after they slowy started rising up 1 by 1 again and they went high up moving slowly then quickly came towards the houses and wizzed over my house and other nearby ones as i told my friend about it so he was watching it to we were both shocked i dont kno how its lanterns because nobody does that stuff in my local community i want to no what it was if not lanterns then what ? commets ? im not sure and as there have been nerby sighting before on youtube of ufos in canock chase im confused sopposed UFOs in cannock and

  80. finally i’ve found somwhere where loads of people are experiencing the same strange things thought i was on my own,i’ve been seeing these orange balls of light 4 just over a year now-never any sound,no flashing lights,sometimes one on its own(majority),i’ve seen a bigger one chase a small one which was quite bizzare and have seen 4 in a diamond shape that starting moving in towards each other i shit my pants ran to get my fella and by the time we got to the front door they had dissappeared and my fella thought i was nuts(although he was with me the first time we saw these things)not everyone sees them and its like when u do the more times u see them you think that they dissappear coz you’ve seen them,like to think maybe we are all a selective few that are seeing these things for a reason.a good time to see these things are around 5-9pm,cant be chinese lanterns like sceptic keep saying-chinese lanterns dont take the same path in flight say 4 instance back in the summer when 4days on the trot one of these things were flying over my house and then say-well i saw one tonight at about 7pm-and it were further away and in a different part of the sky, i personally think there something going on that we not being told about!!

  81. I have just seen loads of orange lights going over central London it is new years eve at 12.00am so it’s new years day but they was going realy fast what the heck are they I’m well scared

  82. OK, I have done a little research and now have come up with a reasonable explaination. I live in Kingston, London.

    After doing a little research, and if you saw your object in a fairly clear sky, or at least no rain….. it was probably a chinese lantern balloon. These are small hot air balloons that can be purchased at The videos I saw on the website pretty closely match what I saw.

    They are apparently popular in thailand and korea. I live near an asian community ( 1 mile away). The winds aloft on the night I saw my object were consistant with the path the object followed. The asian community is also upwind of my flat for that night. The flickering and color of the flames that generate the lift are also consistant with what I saw.

    So, I don’t think we are being invaded.

    The balloons are cylindrical in shape and can be 2 meters tall and 1.5 meters in diameter.

  83. Last night New Years Eve as I was watching the fireworks go off from my front window I noticed an orange glowing orb moving from west to east then a few moments later another in roughly the same direction then another that followed behind tha one, and in total around 20 of these passed overhead in a west to east direction taking roughly 30 – 40 seconds to go from horizon to horizon.
    Weirdest thing i have ever seen..


  84. Are these the same glowing orange balls that were flying all across the London sky during and after the New Year’s Eve fireworks last night? There were at least 8 of them in formation and then they seemed to split into groups of 2 or 3 and flew in just about every direction over the city for a good 10 minutes before leaving in the distance. They seemed to fly like lit-up helicopters but without any sound.

  85. I saw one last night, in fact at 3am this morning as I walked my dog after dinner with friends for New Years Eve, this was just over East finchley and I captured what I could on my phone, it was round and bright orange and I initially thought is it a helicopter because it was at a similar height as we have lots of traffic helicopters around here because of the North Circ road, but the shape and colour dispelled this idea and, as I watched I noticed I could hear and dull humming noise. Last summer I also snapped a photo of 3 spherical silver balls moving across the sky in the afternoon and they changed formation as they flew, also in the same area.

  86. Oh my god I am completely freaked out right now, but at least it seems I’m not the only one seeing these things!
    Five minutes ago I saw these orange things floating across the sky like other people have described. There were four of them I think, one floated by then sort of faded away before another took its place. I can’t see anymore just now, but for all I know there could’ve been more that I missed. I thought they might have simply been someone mucking about down my road settign things on fire and making them fly away but if loads of other people are seeing them then maybe not.
    I live in Ayr in Scotland, it looks like these things are everywhere!

  87. i am in south of Johannesburg, South Africa,
    i have seen this on 2010 New years eve, just before minight 2 balls of orange light strolled slowly across the sky, they were about half an hour apart! Strange

  88. i live in a town called newton aycliffe in northeast england. Me, my family and friends have over a period of 6 months (october 2009 to presents day)have seen strange orange balls of light in the in a clear sky at night,i have seen about 20 of them each one have been similar in patten, shape and size. they all have slown down and speeded up and have changed direction on there journey’s, one ball even change direction to avoid a plane. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THESE ARE. please relpy thanks

  89. 13th March, around 20:30-20:45pm my mum pointed out something outside….was a round orange ball of light in the sky, it was just gliding through the air, like a ball of fire and kept going straight and then seemed to curve away in a different direction and go out of sight

    anyone worked out what these are yet?

  90. i saw it last night and seen it twice now looked at very close with binoculers and its still a ball of fire but not a plane if it was a plane i would of seen the wings or somthing its just plain orange keeping my eye out now time was 730 clifton nottingham 22 march 2010

  91. we just saw about 10 of them, 1 or 2 travelling at a time in about 30 minutes. First of all, we did’nt think anything of it, but then as more came, we looked closely and they just looked like balls of fire floating in the sky, making no noise at all. All of them started in the same place and floated out of sight in the same direction, seemed like they was in a pattern. We got a bit creeped out!
    Abingdon, april 10th, 20:35.

  92. Just seen 2 balls, moving together and then more moving along side it. They looked like small orange balls very bright. It was magical

    South Harrow UK at 11.00pm

  93. Saw a ball of orange flames, much like a flare only rising in a straight line, it ecentually disappeared as it burnt out. 2o minutes later, a second ball rose to around the same height before tracking in an unusual direction.
    Didn’t make noise, nor did the 2 planes which i sighted passing the balls and looping around the town. They may have nothing to do with this situation however.

  94. I have seen these a few times now over my area whilst out jogging at night and I think these are what are known as Iridium flares which are satellites basically with rocket burners on which adjust there course. If you go to|24949 and enter your location and choose ‘Iridium Flares’ it will tell you when to run outside and look up.

    • I see these lights every night over my house, a few months ago i saw 1 10 metres away, it started to come closer to me, i shouted my husband to come outside as he did it stopped about 6 meters away from us and shot off to the left of us really fast about 20 metres away, it then stopped for few second and shot off out of sight. when I was younger I was sat on my bed looking out the window at the tarmaccer across the road, when 1 these lights appeared and started coming closer till it came through window into my bedroom, it shot off to the top corner at speed then directly in front my face, i saw myself and family like fast movie clips or when people say your life flashes before you. i screamed closed my eyes and when I opened them it was gone. This happened during the day. They are definately weird. When i was younger I lived in blackburn lancs, now Ilive in blackpool.

  95. Oh my gosh. I think you guys are speaking of Ball Lightning. Same descriptions. I saw one my self. It was small but far away. It was not orange though it was a bluish green. It did flash orange a bit but rarely. Still if it looked anything like an orb and moved around most likely is ball lightning. If it exploded or just faded away, pretty much, a bigger chance of ball lightning. Still am not sure though.

  96. Thank you Steve, thats not only a very probable answer, but what an interesting site to look up and I will go back to see whats happening there too in the hope that I can catch a glimpse of a satellite overhead. I had never heard of these flares before and hopefully with less aircraft in the sky currently, due to the flight ban, if there IS anything unusual flying around at night then someone might get to spot it.

  97. same thing happened tonight in aberdare ( south wales ) me and my mate dropping one of our mates off and he noticed this light. pulled over and i was shocked!! we pulled over and it looked like a ball of fire with a small trail behind it. it stopped and moved around then just got smaller and smaller as if it went back into the sky? scary s**t!!

  98. Orange lights like stars,moving in the sky tonight,over basingstoke, about 12 to 15 of them, then they dissappeared!

  99. Seen in the sky last night over Basingstoke,by me&my mum,about 12-15 orange lights,they looked like stars.They were moving across the sky and then disappeared.

  100. I’ve never posted on an Internet forum before, but feel compelled to today after me and my girlfriend witnessed a strange orange orb in the sky last night. We both live together in Sunderland city centre, in a lovely apartment that overlooks the River Wear, and because of the view and its relative privacy we usually leave the curtains wide open on an evening. Whilst watching TV at approx 11pm last night I noticed a round, very bright, orange light in the sky. It really caught my attention because it looked so strange. It wasn’t a plane, as I’m used to seeing them flying to/from Newcastle Airport. It wasn’t a helicopter as it was far too high, plus it made no noise that I could tell. It was moving slowly at first (or appeared to be from that distance) and I ran to get my phone to get a picture, but just as I got the camera ready it glowed very bright and then dimmed out to nothing. I had trouble seeing it again after that, but my girlfriend said she saw it move off into the distance at a ridiculous speed. I couldn’t stop staring out of the window after that, which completely ruined the film I’d been watching! 🙂

  101. myself and twelve people all saw these strange orange lights in the sky last nite 12/06/2010 over bromley in kent they made no noise and changed direction… really weird… read your bible people..

  102. 12th June 22:30-22:35 over SE London me and my brother saw 4 to 6 Deep Orange lights flying from behind this house about maybe 1-2 miles away 25 degrees up, it was extremly weird as i thought they seemed to be flying in half of the plough star formation then as they got to about 35 degrees from line of sight, they seemed to just fade away into nothing and i said to my bro, WTF was that as it was in a very common used air space for gatwick with planes up in the air (they must have seen them too), my bro said they could be them chinese lanterns but i said well they would be going in the direction of the wind (which they wasnt) Then a few seconds later from a different direction about the same height in the sky and colour, another one flew towards the direction of where the others faded out and again faded out, with another following its exact path.

    I said to my bro, we should have had a camcorder handy and we should wait and find out if we see anymore. A few seconds later he said i see one really bright one, which he saw in the reflection of our neighbours window, then as i was looking for it, it flew right over us, much closer than the other lot we had seen but not close enough because it just looked like a larger glowing ball abouth half an inch in diameter.
    I was expecting to hear helicopter engines but it was eerily quiet.
    What are these strange orange balls of ligt in our skies that are even in flight paths of airoplanes, surely some of these have been reported but how do we find out ?

  103. hi everybody,
    well, Im from Devon – Paignton. Since couple of months Ive been seeing those orange bright moving objects on the sky around 10.00pm nearly every evening. They are coming from nowhere, flying around and they just disappearing. Sometimes I can see them as a big orange bowls filled with a fire,another time they look so little and light is fading and i can see nothing. Sometimes I can see one object within an hour on another occasion I can see few together or one after the other. Im observing them quite regularly,Im so curios whta is it?????????

  104. I saw them too in Deal, south kent, on the 10th of july at around one in the morning, caught it out the corner of my eye out the skylight went to examine and another followed just after. same description as everyone else is saying, orange balls of light, moving in same direction, no sound. creeped me out so much had to shut the window despite how hot it was. just googled to see if anyone else had seen them and find all these entries! what the hell were they? i know damn sure they were no kind of plane.

  105. Just seen 3 in a row last night, Long Island. NY. No noise whatsoever, and just flying threw the sky then disappeared, wth.

  106. Last night, 25th July 2010 , at approximately 11pm I saw a bright orange light darting about in the sky.So did my friend.It made no sound at all whereas helicopters and planes are very loud here. Blandford Forum, Dorset.I am here as I googled “big orange light” to see if anyone else had seen similar.

  107. My partner and I saw something very similar to what you’re all describing, we’re based in Streatham close to Tooting Common. Tonight (1.45am 8th August) over the space of about 15 minutes we saw about 30 of these strange lights flying in some sort of strange formation. At first there were just a few and then there were a whole cluster. They flew almost like they were weigthless and made absolutely no noise- kind of overwhelming because it completely eliminates any possibiliy of them being an air craft, you’d hear a mass amount of engine noise if there were. They looked a bit like stars but bigger and a distinct orange glow, they flew at about the height of aq 2/3 story building and after the initial cluster 3/4 followed. We are absoluely shocked- absolute non-believers but not sure what to think?? Would be really good to hear if anyone else saw…

  108. A group of 7 of us in Chiswick Saturday night around 9.30pm saw firstly 2 glows of orange about 1/2 mile apart moving at a considerable pace from North to South London. They seemed to fast to be a lantern. About an hour later a group of similar orange glows (about 5 in all) were also witnessed moving across the sky in a similar fashion. No idea as to what they were.

  109. Ok I have read every single post that has been posted here. Tonight on my way home from school I saw the most exciting thing I have ever seen in the night sky. I live in Central Georgia USA. I happen to live in the country, so I have seen amazing swamp gas before, but tonight was not swamp gas. Ok, I was out on a country road coming home and I notice 3 huge very bright orange in color lights off to my right high in the sky. They appeared and was there long enough for me to notice them. Then all of a sudden it looked like like they were getting smaller then out. So I pulled over, saw nothing but a bunch of stars. I go up the road to another clear spot and pull over. About that time one appears, then goes away then another and goes away, then the last one appears goes out and comes back 5 different times each appeared and went out looked like they were trailing each other. (like this) ….. Sorry the Babbling but I have never seen anything like this before and I am a avid star gazer. I have seen falling stars, swamp gas, and things I ruled to be planes but I have never seen anything like this. When I got home I got on the computer, found this site with entries, I have no idea what it was. To make me not look crazy I say military but I would really like to know what theywere!!

  110. hi,
    I live in guyana which is located in south america. Ive noticed 2 times in the last week at 7:30pm a hovering light over some coconut trees in the distance. When i called someone to witness it with me it just took a turn and drifted off and dissapeared!…it is not the 1st time we have witnessed it. Ive seen it twice before in 2007-2008. I find it funny because if i dont say anything it just remains in position but as soon as i try calling someone it drifts off…my friends saw it when it was drifting off..
    Its soo freakY!

  111. I saw the orange lights over Bromley Kent last night around 1030pm, about 12 glowing lights at different intervals all following the same course at same speed. Now I normally have an answer for everything but this is weird. I actually work in aviation and consider the sky my workplace, now I am having trouble explaining this, no way were they chinese lanterns, moving too fast on identical courses and the wind direction and speed did not match their course. It was hard to judge the height they were at, my only possible explanation is they were objects in orbit but so not sure.
    Be interesting to see how many other sightings there were.

  112. 21.08.10 between 9/10pm. Northolt, North/west London. We saw two orange balls which looked like they were on fire. They came from nowhere. They were completely silent. Passing over the houses above our heads, we coul see it very clearly and close, moving faster than air plane. Moving further and higher, getting smaller and finally they just looked like a star then they just vanished. It was 5 minutes gap between them. first one than same direction the other one. 1 month ago my friend saw exactly the same” balls of fire” but it was more of them. He saw three, laid in perfect triangle moving the same direction behaving exactly in the same way like the others mentioned above . This is crazy! so many people is seeing the same thing and there is no answer! How can it be? its not an air plane, its not a rocket, not a meteor, is it an experiment of our lovely governments? or maybe its really an UFO?. Someone does have an answer but I guess we just not meant to know it.

  113. Purley, Surrey – Saw the same orange orbs in my back garden on Saturday about 11.30pm. There was first a batch of about four all following each other, then three more appeared followed by a further two and then one. They were all following the same course and I watched them for about ten minutes when they disappeared from view. I then went to the front of the house where I saw the same glowing balls of light, in the same flying formation come from behind a bank of trees off in the distance, hover for a while before all disappearing from view. The really weird thing about these things were that there was NO noise at all. My youngest son witnessed this also and he managed to capture one of the orbs on video but all you can see is a tiny glowing object. I don’t think these are chinese lanterns because they all seemed to be following the same course at a certain height. Lanterns would not do this!

    • I seen excactly wat your saying last night from my back garden at about 11.30pm and as they got closer to me the lights went out, i am sure they had some kind of bent wings either side of the glow which was wierd had no noise either, i want to know what the hell i saw people don’t believe what i am saying so i’m so glad there are other sightings.

  114. 02/09/10 around 10.45pm in Wolverhampton, West Midlands i saw 4 BRIGHT orange stars high up in the sky, 3 of them in a triangular formation and one just above them all. As i was walking down the street staring at them, slowly one by one they started to dim until they eventually dissapeared. I did try an get a photo but ma flippin phone memory was full, so i just admired at what i was seeing before me. Come 10 or so seconds later after they had all dissapeared, i witnessed another 3 of them before me, but this time one of the bright orange stars in the triangle formation moved towars the other, and again one by one they started to dim until they all dissapeared up in the sky. Wished someone was out that night so i could of pointed it out to them but atleast ive come across this page to tell y’all. Glad to know i ay the only1 !!!!!

  115. Woking, surrey. 16/10/10 Was smoking a cigarette by the kitchen window when i noticed 2 orange lights, at first i thought those two planes are close together, then i saw about 10 more come out from behind the treeline. Me and the girlfriend watched them move from the direction of the town center towards Horsell. Very odd.

  116. I live in Manchester (UK) and I too saw lots of lights last night… around 11pm, there were 3 evenly spaced orange glowing lights travelling north/west direction. At first I thought they might have been helicopters or even planes but they seemed to be travelling too close together and there was no noise or additional flashing lights. These 3 lights dissapeared into cloud but they were then followed by another 2 lights again flying close together and then another 3 and then 1 by 1, about 12 in all.

    This was so sureal and very strange

  117. I live near Ivinghoe (Beds, UK), and most people are enjoying the firework display tonight, but I was in my garden doing a firework/BarBQ, and wasn’t watching fireworks, but something I just can’t explain, which if I’m honest has scared/freaked me out as I can’t think of a logical explanation.From a rough NE direction a whole series of orange orbs/fireball type objects have been travelling towards a SE direction, travelling about the speed of a plane as seen from the ground, after about a 2 minutes on this course they change to travel roughly eastwards, and then shortly after that become smaller and smaller, and then disappear.There was about 18-20 in all, approx 30 seconds apart in batches of about 3-4, with a few minutes gap in between, and they all followed the exact same path apart from the last 3-4, which travelled towards me, before turning eastwards, and looked like they seem to glow even brighter, so were obviously closer.They made no noise, infact the sky was silent, as the fireworks paused for long periods, so I could hear really well, and there were no flashing lights or anything, just an orange almost fireball glow.We live near the flight path to Luton, so see planes and helicopters all the time, but these weren’t planes or helicopters.I did think chinese lanterns, but how could they travel in exactly the same path, and burn for such a long time.The duration of each object visibly following this course was about 2-3 minutes.I’ve never posted on anything like this, as I’ve never seen anything like this, and just had to search google to see if anyone else had seen something similar, and this forum was suggested, what are they? any ideas?

  118. Hi Dave,

    I saw exactly the same as you over Didsbury Manchester on the same night (5th Nov) around 6-7pm. This was the second sighting in as many weeks. I really would love to know what I keep seeing…….there must be someone out there who knows. I also Googled just like you and its incredible how many similar sightings there has been.

  119. Hi Dave,

    This is my second sighting

    I saw exactly the same as you over Didsbury Manchester on the same night (5th Nov) around 6-7pm. This was the second sighting in as many weeks. I really would love to know what I keep seeing…….there must be someone out there who knows. I also Googled just like you and its incredible how many similar sightings there has been.

  120. Me and 3 friends saw a massive orange ball move accross the sky, slowly getting smaller before stopping for a few minutes and disappearing.
    Then a pulsating red light stayed motionless while smaller white things went into it and reapperead red.

  121. my wife has just come back from dropping her father off and they both say they saw this flaming orange ball in the sky over newton aycliffe, its now 10pm, they say it stopped and started sporadically, totally unexplainable to them. i had to giggle at first then i googled it and saw all of these reports.

  122. went out to put car in driveway tonight,saw 2 orange lights moving over clear moonlite sky at about 11pm,one following the other then another one, went to get camera and then another 2 cam ,all in the same “flight path”, phone camera got them but not too good got cam corder but they where gone, they where not chinies lanterns,,,,,,,

    • saw the same thing at the same time today, why not chinese lanterns or Iridium lights? I managed to get some poor video…

  123. me and my cousin were driving home ,through east London when we became stationary in traffic, we both looked up and noticed a plane ,sitting in the air the size of a jumbo jet ,but bigger it was about three stories high,there was no sound its nose was facing up it looked like a cross .it stayed in this position for about 10 to 15 seconds . then it dipped and moved slowly i mean snail pace like,i even wound down the window and looked at it above the car ,then i noticed traffic had moved ,so i moved forward i looked back in the sky it was gone the plane disappeared ,like it was never also felt like time had slowed down weirdest thing i have ever seen you think its unbelievable how do you think i feel i saw it.thanks

  124. I saw 3 orange orbs flying through the sky at 11:30 last night. They were flying in a triangular formation they were coming from the west to the east until they went dimmer and dimmer until they suddenly disappeared.
    I don’t think they were helicopters or chinese lanterns because they were making no noise at all but if you listen closely you might be able to hear a low humming sound
    to me, this might be UFO evidence who ever got them on camera or video then your lucky I couldn’t get mine out in time!
    I also saw another orange orb today at 6:15!

  125. last night at about 11.30 me and my boyfriend saw a bright ball of what looked to be fire going across the night sky, declining slowly. this was in canterbury kent, so i was wondering whether anyone else saw the same thing? it seemed far far too big to be a chinese lantern.

    • Hi My husband and i saw a bright orange light flying across the sky in Walderslade Kent area on feb 14th about 10.15 pm. So we wernt imaging it then.

  126. Basingstoke, Hampshire. 23.4.11 @ 10.30PM. I was in my car about 1/4 mile from home and I saw three orange balls of light in the sky. I couldn’t tell exactly how far away they were,maybe 3-8 miles, but they were too bright to be stars or planets. They seemed to be in some formation, as i kept glancing at them until i arrived at my house. I ran inside and got my 19 yr old son to come outside and look. They were still in the same vicinity and moving horizontally fairly slowly, but with varying speed. Then after a few minutes one of them moved vertically directly above us to a very high altitude, gradually fading in brightness, all of which took only a few seconds. At no time did they make any sound, and the lights were solid, not flashing. Just to add, the sky was very clear and a during all of this an airlliner did fly over in another part of the sky, which was clearly audible as a jet plane.

  127. ive seen it here in philippines about 8 of them floating in the sky.. and approx. 5mins they just disappeared.. may 20 2011

  128. I’m in Oxford and I was out in the back garden with the dogs at around 10:45pm this evening when this bright orange ball coming towards me caught my eye. There was no noise or flickering and it didn’t appear to be that high up, a couple of thousand feet max I’d guess. It seemed to be moving quite quickly, about the speed of a plane and within about a minute it had disappeared from view. I had no idea what it was so headed for google and found myself here…weird for sure!

  129. first time i saw said glowing ‘orbs’ was last october around 11pm. i can’t recall the exact day but i believe it may have been a friday/saturday/sunday. i first noticed one moving from the south-west towards the centre of london. this was followed by another 4 in total and all were the exact same distance from one another in a straight line. the appeared to be moving at roughly the same speed as an airliner would but, as you are aware. planes make a distinct sound, even if it’s delayed by a few seconds or so. these objects made absolutely no audible sound. it was extremely weird. my second sighting was in april of this year while i was in Shere in Surrey, which is between dorking and guildford. it was around 1am on a sunday morning and i saw 2 of the ‘orbs’ identical to those i had last seen, moving away from london in a south-westerly direction. once again making no sound. so gutted i had nothing to record these events with as this is DEF out of the ordinary……

  130. as much as I would like to say they are UFO’s…. they are lanterns, plain and simple… they are in rows and grouped because of wind patterns and fast because they are being carried at high altitude.

    • i doubt that they would be lanterns. even given that ‘if’ they were,
      there’s no way that 5 in a row identically spaced would be possible, and at that altitude they would not be that bright.

  131. as far as i’m aware these lights do not photograph very well, so that you can get a good indication of how large they are comparatively. definately no lanterns though.

    • I have also enquire on the web and found out that in the same time they have been seen in Mexico and States.We did exchange the photos and videos and they are vey very similar.

  132. Just saw 4 very bright lights evenly spaced in a diamond formation over Stratford, London. They were flying is a zig zag formation, moving quickly; then stopping. They left a bright, comet-like tail behind them as they travelled at about 1000 ft altitude. Did anyone else see them?

  133. Someone needs to do an exercise to check how many of the “sightings” occur on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings or on bank holidays…. when people are most likely to be celebrating and releasing Chinese lanterns! Oh and whilst we’re at it let’s check the weather for dry nights vs rainy ones….

    • I have seen the orange balls in 2010 in Kingston-upon Thames twice: in August and at the end of September . There were in a kind of formation with very fast and precise movement. I thought they were the chinese lantern at first, but after watching with my whole family their movement and recording on my phone for about 20minutes , they went towards Putney. Not lanterns definetly!

  134. i doubt that they were chinese lanterns. it would be impossible for a number of them to be so precisely spaced apart.

  135. I just saw 7 orange balls come in tonight in a storm. 3 balls were in a triangle and 4 balls were in a line equally spaced. is only lasted for a few miniutes but it was like nothing i have ever seen. i live in selma indiana

  136. on Saturday (August 20, 2011), near to midnight, i saw 14 orange balls floating over the Thames in Putney… it was a beautiful sight and i took some pictures as i couldn’t get my camera to work, which was a shame as the pictures show no more than yellow dots… but it was an amazing sight and at one point i stopped searching for a way to make my camera work so i could have a good look… what are they?????

  137. On the evening of Friday 2nd September,I was sitting outside the front of my house listening to the Bulgaria v England match on the radio,when I saw a very bright orange light emerge from behind a row of houses in Walthamstow,London.There were lots of aircraft travelling in different directions in the night sky,but commercial aircraft have two flashing lights on either wing of the plane and a flashing light at the back,as well as having the sound of an engine.Helicopters make even more noise and they tend to fly around an area by encircling it.This bright orange object was much faster than an ordinary aeroplane.It was even faster than a Concorde,which do not fly in 2011.It soared in the sky off in an Eastery direction.Then I saw another one less than an hour later do exactly the same thing.I do not have a working camcorder but I hope that someone else has filmed it.I told a neighbour and he says that it is probably an aircraft interceptor,which apparently have been around since World War Two,some of which are at Gatwick Airport,but what would these interceptors be doing flying over Walthamstow on a Friday evening?Could these bright orange objects be UFO’s?

  138. Just seen two bright orange dots in the night sky in stockport… too fast to be commercial planes they gained altitude to fast to be jets.. and before someone comments they were not lanterns !! Are we alone?

  139. just seen what i first thought was a comet across the sky over stockport. i was just having a cig on the porch when i saw this circular object traveling at a amazing rate of knots from north to south. I live beneath the manchester airport flight path but this was nothing like a plane, it was orange/red in colour and had a large tail with it. was very very peculiar and i am sure it was a comet but yet i cannot find anything that suggests it was. mental!!

  140. we have been seeing these too. tonight (7-4-12) there were 5 of them flying around and one even seemed to land. when my son tried to investigate he was chased by one. I have no Idea what they are when we try to get them on film they dim out. though my son did get a photo of one.

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