Photo Of Polish Ufo?

Weird UFO photographed in Poland

Photo allegedly taken at the end of June or the beginning of July 1995 showing Polish UFO

This photo was allegedly taken at the end of June or the beginning of July 1995 by Mrs Korejwo, a Polish school teacher.

Photo of Polish UFO?

Mrs Korejwo didn’t spot the object at the time of taking the picture, and was shocked to find it once developed.

The photo has been examined by Kodak photo lab workers, and concluded the film was not defective.

They suggested that whatever the object is, may not have been seen by Mrs Korejwo as it was moving too fast!

A bizarre photo, it has supposedly been analysed further which excluded the possibility that the photo had been altered and was not a hoax.

What do you think?

Source, UFO Digest [link]


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CW Staff

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  1. It appears to me that an acorn happened to fall from a tree she may have been standing under, just at the instant she took her photograph. If she was using "flash", it would freeze the acorn in place.

  2. If you have this photo "remote-viewed" by a group you might
    possibly get some interesting feedback….That is if you get a
    good group and they have willingness to attempt a "sensing".
    There are a few r-v groups do a google search and send to em!

  3. Sasquatch August 19th, 2006 5:19 am

    UFOs are not real.  Now go back to watching TV and stop thinking…
    With a user name like that your comments are just laughable.

  4. The old pimento trick!
    Looks like an olive, inversed colors, and pasted onto a "stock picture"

    Now how to fool the tekies? Simply take a picture of what you just accomplished. Naturally the "film" will show no fakeries, nor will a digital image.

    BTW, rv turned up a martini… shaken, not stirred.

  5. truely a weird object.looks almost like an olive .As to being a fake;not sure.The object appears behind the wires in the picture.At the top rear;it has a slight blur effect to it .Not sure if it was photo shoped.

  6. Another thing about the picture is;there ae no visable shadows from the object.An object that big would have a pretty big shadow.

  7. The "ET" are busy "Marking" things that they want us to look into.
     Poland has been wide open in sales of dangerous weapons of mass destruction technology. The "ET" are pointing possibly to something such as this.

  8. That is how "ET" marks something for us to look into.
    Poland was involved in trafficking components to build weapons of mass destructionn at the time.

  9. The telephone wires are in front of the thing.
    However, it is transparent, you can see the trees through it.
    Seems to me she took the photo from indoors, and the object is a reflection of a ceiling lamp on the inside of the window she took the picture through.

  10. Thanks everybody for your suggestions and comments.

    Not UFOoled, an interesting suggestion – if you look at the picture and imagine a gear-stick it kinds of fits!

  11. as we get closer to 2012 the earth will be transmuting into the higher dimensions.

    cameras can photograph frequencies not visible to the physical eye, in other words our eyes are “too” slow.

    Oh and if you don’t know what i’m talking about it’s o.k. you’ve already mutated (chemtrails) beyond total repair.

    good luck in your next life.

  12. If someone were to fake a photo like this, why would they make the ufo look so strange? Furthermore, it’s been proven, in experiment after experiment, that we don’t “see” things which we truly don’t expect to be there. Researchers are starting to understand that our perception of the world is mostly based on our expectations. If something takes place in front of us which is totally contrary to our experiences, it usually won’t register in our concious mind.

  13. Hey:

    Since nobody seems to know or agree on exactly what is an UFO, how do you know the object in the photo is an UFO?

  14. stevie wonder and ray charles could see this is a room lamp’s reflection in window, someone in the back is holding it approx 45 degrees away from the window. rv, olives, photoshop, stick shift… brrrr! the scary thing is that all of you dudes really do think, and some brain acrobats among you are convinced, that you REALLY are pros!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL

  15. My god people take a close look you might notice the finger nail. Next time take your finger off of the lens

    Unidentified finger object

  16. Why is no one asking the obvious here?
    “didn’t spot the object at the time of taking the picture”
    So just what was she taking a photo of?
    The electric lines? Yard? Trees?

    Yeesh… it’s a reflection…

  17. For fork’s sake, it’s a water spot on the film (1995, pre-digital cameras, hello!) or light reflection…! Jeez.

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