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Mystery animal photographed in New Zealand

Strange Cat-like animal spotted in New Zealand

A mysterious creature, about the size of a large dog has been photographed by tourists in New Zealand.

Scottish tourists Charlie and Marie Limond photographed what they described as a “lynx-sized mountain lion”, at McLeays Creek in the Lindis Pass.

“It was definitely way bigger than your domestic cat. About the size of an Alsatian dog,” Mr Limond told the Otago Daily Times yesterday.

The couple were driving along State Highway 8, through the Lindis Pass, last week, when Mr Limond said he saw the animal “out of the corner of my eye”.

They turned their car around and said they watched the big cat, about 200m away, from the roadside for about seven minutes.

It’s difficult to see clearly, but it does look like a large animal, but from the photograph it could easily be just a large dog.

Source: Otago Daily Times – Mystery animal snapped

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  1. This is a dog. First, click on the picture to make it larger. Second, use the zoom setting and zoom 400%. You will see a snout on a dog, the ears of a dog, and the fluffy tail of a dog. It almost looks like a sandy colored wolf, coyote, or dingo.

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