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Canterbury Big-Cat Photographed (NZ)

The big black cat of Canterbury?

Hunters have photographed what looks like a cougar or mountain lion near Canterbury New Zealand.

The now famous “big black cat” of Canterbury has been spotted many times over the last five years, enough times in fact to warrant an official search. But nothing conclusive has ever been found.

The new photos appear to show a large ‘panther’ like animal walking along a deer track, before disappearing into the thick shrub.

The photos appeared in the local Canterbury hunting guide, but officials have asked to see the originals before they decide whether there needs to be another investigation.

Possible mystery Canterbury cat
Aug 26, 2006

A Canterbury hunting guide has released new photo’s of what he claims could be the legendary mysterious panther.

It is the latest siting of the large cat like creature that has apparently been haunting the Canterbury foothills over the past few years.

It has been suggested that the large cat-like creature looks just like a North American cougar or mountain lion.

CW thinks: It would be a shame if it is just mindlessly hunted and shot for the sake of hunting, as it really ought to be captured alive. Because it’s probably nothing more than an privately owed cat that has either escaped, or more than likely, been released into the wild when its owner couldn’t cope with it anymore.

Source, TV NZ [link] (also contains video).


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