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5 new UK Big Cat Sightings

There seems to be an every increasing number of strange big cat sighting here in the UK, below are five recent reports and stories from across the UK.

The Elusive Fen Tiger

First up, The Elusive Fen Tiger.
A farmer (name withheld) from Soham Fen just outside Ely, claims to have spotted and photographed a large black cat on the 1st of April. Now that date is a difficult to take serious as it is obviously known for all sorts of tom-foolery, but the ‘beast’ was seen wandering around Soham Fen in the early hours.

“It was standing around 5ft at the shoulder with distinctive black and white markings and a menacing set of teeth. I kept my distance as it looked my way and he didn’t look very happy. I keep a few chickens, so I rang my missus to tell her to keep an eye out.” said the farmer.
Source: Ely Standard.

Black Panther sighting near North Elmham, Norfolk
There have been numerous sightings of the panther-like animal near Aylsham and Aylmerton and now the beast has been spotted in North Elmham.

Daphne and Reg Ivany, from Dereham, saw the animal while they were walking near the County School railway track on February 20. Mr Ivany said the cat was about 50 yards away in an adjacent field. “We wondered what it was at first. It was bigger than a dog. It had a long body and a long bushy tail. From the side view you could see it had a square jaw. It seemed to glide along like a cat.
Source: Norwich Evening News.

Big cat or just a toy?

Big Cat seen in Lancashire dock!
Concrete plant worker Tony Young claims to have discovered a mysterious sight in the water of the outer basin at Preston Dock, off Lockside Road.

He said: “I was walking on the dock at about 8.15am and I saw it. “There was a lad there who goes round doing the lifeboat rings. “He was just coming up to me and I said ‘What does that look like to you?’ He said it was a log.”

But Mr Young thinks it was the body of an animal – possibly a big cat. “The face of it looks like a big cat, like a puma or a panther”, “It doesn’t look like a soft toy because a soft toy would have a friendly face, this had a really mean face and a short snout.”
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

Do big cats prowl Sir Paul McCartney’s house?
Environmentalists have secured £150,000 to help determine – once and for all – if big cats exist in and around the Scottish home of Sir Paul McCartney. Sir Paul has a farmhouse on Kintyre, Arygllshire, which he famously immortalised with the single Mull of Kintyre. Now the peninsula is getting a reputation for big four-legged creatures.

A number of sightings of a large black cat have been reported at Machrihanish – on the southern tip – and other places on Kintyre over the last few years. The big cat claims have now prompted a formal fact-finding mission. The survey will focus on the 88-mile stretch from Tarbert to Southend known as the Kintyre Way. Locals and visitors alike will be asked to report sightings of big cats along the route.
Source: STV

And lastly, Dad shocked by big cat sighting!
CLAWED into a tree trunk, these fearsome-looking scratch marks could be evidence of the latest sighting of a mysterious black panther thought to be prowling East Anglia.

Shaun Baxter, a father of one, said he spotted the big cat gouging out the markings while he was shooting rabbits in a field just off Bacton Road between North Walsham and Edingthorpe in Norfolk on Sunday afternoon.

He said: “I was standing next to a tree in my camouflage gear and about 70 yards away was a big black panther-like cat. “It was scratching on a tree, like a normal household cat would do at its scratching post.”
Source: EADT24


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  1. Hi there, my wife and I have just returned (26-3-13 date of sighting) from a short break in Tarbert. We went to see Skipness Castle and on our walk back to the car park, ( we were about 100 yards from the gate posts by the gate house) my wife saw what she thought was a lamb lying down but it did not seem to move its head as we passed, it seemed to be staring at my wife. She stayed where she was, and I moved a few yards towards the gate posts and rustled some branches and the animal then looked at me, got up on all fours, then lowered itself as a cat would do if it was stalking, walked slowly for about six feet in the direction of the castle, stopped, looked at us again, then turned to its right, away from us and then we lost sight of it in the undergrowth. This animal appeared to have a dark head, (which is why we thought it was a sheep) its body was cream or beige we think (it was in the shadow of undergrowth) its tail was thick, horizontal to the ground, almost like a fox’s tail, or a Persian cat’s tail, but this animal appeared larger than a cat, but too big to be a new lamb and certainly not as big as a sheep. We are puzzled, do you know what it was?

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