Milk and Feces found in preserved baby Mammoth

Almost perfectly preserved baby Mammoth

Almost perfectly preserved baby Mammoth

I’m completely amazed by this story of the baby mammoth that was found frozen a few years ago in Russia (check out the video below).

Fecal residue and traces of prehistoric milk have been found in the digestive track of an almost perfectly preserved baby mammoth, according to a new analysis.

Lyuba, a one month old mammoth that died approximately 40,000 years ago has been gently poked, prodded, and scanned by an international team of scientists since she was discovered two years ago in the Russian Arctic.

The calf appears to have perished when she either drowned or was suffocated in mud near the edge of a river.

Milk residue found during the latter analysis, combined with a fat hump on the back of her neck, indicate that the baby mammoth was healthy and well fed, said team member Daniel Fisher of the University of Michigan.

The hump generated heat and was used by baby mammoths to stay warm during the first months of their lives, Fisher added.

Source: National Geographic.


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