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Ring shaped UFO filed near Los Angeles Airport

An interesting video of a Ring-Shaped UFO that first appeared on Youtube in December 2008 has started doing the usual rounds, but before you dismiss it, have a look as it does look intriguing. The exact location isn’t made clear, but it appears to have been filed at a beach(?) near Los Angeles Airport (LAX).


If anybody has anymore info, please leave a comment below.


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  1. It is very hard to make out anything substantive from this video because the filmer spent way too much time zoomed in too close, but from what I can see there is no evidence of nonballistic motion, nothing that indicates anything but aerodynamic flight. At times the motion of the object indicates it might be dangling below something else, like a helicopter perhaps. Just ignore the voice over because his opinion is not well informed. I make the point that IF the object were five miles away as he supposes, he could not hear it humming unless that same noise were absolutely deafening closer to the scene of the action, and if he does indeed hear it humming (or the wash from a helicopter) then it is much closer than he thinks.

    And I have to wonder, would an intelligent alien race spend what must amount to trillions of dollars in our terms to fly across even the spaces between local stars just to barnstorm LA, do a few stunts and leave? I really think not.

  2. Personally, I think this is an awesome video. It’s not zoomed in 100% the whole time and the filmer even backs off completely at one point to give his audience somewhat of a perspective view in order to witness the true movement of the UFO. When he zooms in closer on the object, he follows it well. Yea, its bouncy, but for christ sake… look how that thing was moving. The design of the the object/ring was rather interesting too. I’m certain it’s not an airplane- or a helicopter for that matter.
    And as far as Mr. Paterson’s ending statement… I doubt the “aliens” are the least bit worried about the credit card bill they got for creating this masterpiece. All the money in this world will be digital soon… 63% of it already is. Money is not real so I’m sure the “aliens” had no worries as to how much their craft cost them. I bet the UFO seen in this video was created by a race of beings whom do not give two shits about money…… because it isn’t real anyway. Just a bunch of “IOU’s” from your government. Maybe the “aliens” wanted to come observe the human race so they can figure out how to help us in the long run because we will need it at the rate everything’s going.

  3. Well, if it’s near the LA airport, it should be picked up by the air surveillance radar, and investigation should have been carried out because it will appear as an unidentified blip on the radar screen. But there was no action by the authority.

    Also, why would “aliens” need to decorate their UFO with such bright lightings? If they intended to be so open about their visit, I believe they would attempt to make contact with us. On the other hand, if they intended to be discreet, I am sure they can survey us and navigate their way around without the need of all these bright lightings.

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