Betty & Barney Hill Alien Abduction exhibition

Betty and Barney Hill are perhaps one of the most famous alleged UFO abductions cases from the early days of Flying Saucers and UFOs. Now thousands of items belonging to the Hills – from the torn dress Betty wore that night, to tapes of the Hills recounting their experience under hypnosis, to a papier-mache bust of the extraterrestrial generalissimo are available for public study at a University of New Hampshire museum.

Betty and Barney Hill

Betty and Barney Hill

Betty and Barney Who?
On the night of September 19, 1961, the Hills were driving toward their home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, from Canada via U.S. Highway 3 through the White Mountains. Betty noticed a bright light which appeared to be moving erratically and flashing different coloured lights. At times, it seemed to be spinning. They stopped a few times to look at it through binocular. As the object approached, they discerned a large disk-shaped craft with windows around its rim. After stopping the car, Barney looked at the UFO through binoculars as it hovered silently, about fifty feet away from him. He could see at least six beings, wearing dark uniforms, watching him through the windows. All but one turned away to attend by a large control panel behind them. The object then continued its gradual descent. Two fins, each bearing a red light, were slowly extending from the right and left of the craft. Another extension was lowered from its base.

Barney became terrified by the eyes of the one crew member who continued to stare at him and who reminded him of a German Nazi. Convinced he was about to be captured, Barney ran back to the car, screaming. They drove off quickly. Soon they heard an irregular beeping sound coming from the trunk, and felt a tingling sensation and drowsiness. Another series of beeps aroused them and they discovered they had travelled thirty-five miles and could not recall what had happened in between. Their watches had also stopped running.

Ten days later, Betty began to have a series of vivid dreams in which she and Barney were taken aboard a flying saucer and medically examined. The dreams continued for five successive nights. She related these dreams to her friends and colleagues, and made a written record of all the details.

During an interview with civilian UFO investigators one month after the incident, Betty and Barney realised that the trip from Canada to Portsmouth had taken at least two hours longer than it should have. The investigators suggested that the Hills try to find out what had transpired during the missing time through HYPNOSIS.

More on Betty and Barney can be found here at Wikipedia and by searching the good old world wide web!


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