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Big Cat sighting near Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Are Big Cats loose in the UK?
Do big cats live wild in the UK?

That exact date is not clear, but there has been another big cat sighting near Bridgnorth in shropshire, UK.

“It was just strolling along and had a long, wafting tail,” she said. “It definitely wasn’t a domestic cat ­ it was bigger than an Alsation.”

Heather, who travels to Bridgnorth to kayak along the river and go for country walks, said: “We believe we saw the cat near Hampton Loade around 4.30pm. At first I didn’t really think that much of it, but there were four of us who saw it.

“We thought it may have been a dog, but it was just the way it was strolling along the field – cool as a cat really. We would like to know if any other people saw it.”

Heather is not the only person to have spotted a big cat in the Bridgnorth area. Chris Summers, who works at Shatterford Lakes, said she saw a big cat around 14 months ago, which was at least the size of a sheep.

Source and full story can be found here: Big cat on the prowl (Bridgnorth Journal).


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