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UFO seen over Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Ufo?
Tel Aviv ufo, plane or meteorite?

Meteorite, Plane or UFO? A strange object was seen in the sky over Tel Aviv last Thursday afternoon (12th Oct 2006).

Three flat mates saw a flash of light that was first orange and then turned white — “We suddenly saw a strip of bright light flying downwards,” said Lior one of the three flat mates. “There was a sense of something supernatural happening, I have never seen such a thing,” she added.

Meir, another flat mate happened to have his camera near by, so took a quick shot before it disappeared — “This thing fell downwards and before landing it made a right turn and disappeared from view,” he said.

Experts have been very sceptical over claims that it was a UFO, the chairman of the Israeli Astronomical Association Pat-El said he was convinced it was nothing more that an aircraft — “If they saw it at five o’clock in the afternoon it is very likely that it was an aircraft emitting white smoke, in the picture it even looks like it has two engines, and you can see that it is flying towards the horizon and not downwards,” he said.

There is some interesting comments on the original article at ynet news [link]. It’s a plane, a meteorite, a missile, an angel from the lord, even the second coming! What ever it was, it seems to have sparked a lot of interest.

Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions? Has anybody seen anything similar?


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