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Hundreds of UFOs sighted over UK skies

UFO? No a hot-air ballon
UFO? No a hot-air ballon

More than 700 UFO sightings have been reported to to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the last six years.

But out of the 714 reports, only 12 of them are said to “worthy of further consideration”, according to junior defence minister Derek Twigg .

Mr Twiggs comments come from a Commons written reply to Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone , and goes on to state — “Reports [of UFOs] are analysed solely to consider whether there is any reason to believe UK airspace has been compromised by the reported activity,”.

I think we all know that the MOD quite clearly state that it is only investigate UFOs to ascertain if Unidentified Flying Objects posse a threat to the UK! Kind of keeping an eye on our airspace as it were… strange, I thought that was what radar was for?

Anyway, over 700 reports since 2001 doesn’t sound a lot, but after some simple maths it turns out that it’s around one sighting every two or three days. So in fact, quite a lot.

So, if there are this many being reported, just how many sightings are there that go unreported, hundreds, thousands? And why are they not reported? Do people fear ridicule, or simply don’t realise the MOD is genuinely interested in UFOs?

A question I have to readers is this. What was it that Lynne Featherstone asked in the first place to prompted Derek Twigg to write his reply? Does anybody know?

Have you seen a UFO? Cryptoworld would like to here from anybody how has seen something weird in the sky above the UK. Contact Cryptoworld.

Update: I have now found the original question that was asked by Lynne Featherstone, and the full answer from Derek Twigg. You can read them in: Hundreds of UFOs sighted over UK (Update).


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