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UFO Monday 26th June 2006


This weeks UFO Monday is actually on Tuesday! Sorry about that…

UFO or kids balloon?
Amateur photographer Ray Gilbert reckons he caught more than one flying object on camera when a Dakota aeroplane completed a flypast over Grantham Carnival on Saturday.

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Pensioner’s UFO plans scuppered
A pensioner went to the Appeal Court to have his design recognised – for a flying saucer.

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Could the 1990s reports of the Aurora be true?
Remember all those sightings in the early 1990 of triangle shaped aircraft, believe to be a new American spy plane called the Aurora?

Well, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act suggest the Ministry of Defence took the rumours of the mysterious aircraft more seriously than they publicly admitted. So does that mean it was real?
Continue reading: Is it a bird? Is it a spaceship? No, it’s a secret US spy plane

Unidentified Space Junk near Space Station
A piece of space debris could pass within metres of the International Space Station.

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2006 New Zealand International Science Festival
Described as one of the “100 most powerful and influential people in the world” by TIME Magazine, Dr Jill Tarter has devoted her life to finding out about what’s out there in the universe.

She plans to talk about the SETI Institute & life in outer space at this years 2006 New Zealand International Science Festival.


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