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Bosnian Pyramids confusion

[singlepic=27,225,160,,right]A war of worlds has broken out surrounding the clams regarding the ‘alleged’ Pyramids of Bosnia.

As Cryptoworld readers will recall, Bosnian-American pyramid buff Semir “Sam” Osmanagic claims a four-sided hill in the town of Visoko is Europe’s first known pyramid, and larger than any ever built in Egypt.

Excavations carried out by Osmanagic and his team in April 2006 uncovered what they describe are large stone blocks shaped by human hands and a network of tunnels fronted by a wide, paved entranceway.

[singlepic=28,200,130,,right]Then in May, Dr Aly Abd Barakat from Egypt visited the site. Barakat, a doctor of geology and an expert on pyramids believes the structure does represent a man made pyramid.

But then this month, Prof Anthony Harding, present of European Archeology, claimed the pyramid-shaped hill was nothing more than a natural phenomenon. “My opinion and the opinion of my colleagues is what we saw was entirely geological in nature,” AFP news quoted him as saying.

So who do we believe?

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  1. Thanks Paul, I'd forgotten all about the Chocolate Hills.

    The Chocolate Hills

    For those who haven't heard of them, the Chocolate Hills is an unusual geological formation in the island province of Bohol in the Philippines. The hills are the most famous tourist attraction on the island and consists of at least 1,268 individual mounds.

    What makes them intriguing is their mostly uniform molehill shape and size ranging from 30 to 50 meters high. The hills are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, giving the hills their chocolate looking name.

    Geologists have long debated about the formation of the hills. The most accepted theory, and the one that is written on a bronze plaque at an observation hill, is that the hills are eroded formations of a type of marine limestone that sits on top of hardened clay.

    Cryptoworld will have a dig about and do a write up on the Chocolate Hills in the not to distant future.

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