I think it’s fair to say, that until we invent a time machine, we will never fully understand what ancient monuments like Stonehenge we really used for.

Speculation that it was a Druid temple, Astronomical calendar, healing centre are all plausible, but there is just no hard-proof.

An Ancient Mecca on Stilts
Now a new theory suggests that the stones were used as a base for a large circular wooden platform, on which ceremonies were preformed to the rotating heavens above.

Stonehenge by Nelson L.

Stonehenge by Nelson L.

Whether it was a Druid temple, an astronomical calendar or a centre for healing, the mystery of Stonehenge has long been a source of speculation and debate. Now a dramatic new theory suggests that the prehistoric monument was in fact “an ancient Mecca on stilts”.

The megaliths would not have been used for ceremonies at ground level, but would instead have supported a circular wooden platform on which ceremonies were performed to the rotating heavens, the theory suggests.

Julian Spalding, an art critic and former director of some of the UK’s leading museums, argues that the stones were foundations for a vast platform, long since lost – “a great altar” raised up high towards the heavens and able to support the weight of hundreds of worshippers.

Stonehenge by Taro Taylor

Stonehenge by Taro Taylor

Art critic and former museum director Julian Spalding believes that it was once a complete circle, crowned by a wooden platform which has since gone missing and “a great alter” capable of supporting hundreds of people at a time in order to elevate them closer to the heavens.

Source: The Guardian and IBTimes

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