Yeti Just a Brown Bear says Scientists!

Another unknown that will probably stay unknown as long as people continue to give it life.

Scientists now say the ‘Yeti’ hair samples that were analysed in 2013 and thought to possible belong to an ancient/modern hybrid polar bear now think it is nothing more than just a common brown bear!


A row over whether suspected ‘Yeti’ hair belonged to an species of ancient polar bear have taken a new turn, after scientists concluded the Abominable Snowman is probably just a brown bear.

In 2013, Bryan Sykes, a professor of genetics at Oxford University, discovered that two samples of hair were a match were polar bear DNA from 40,000 years ago, suggesting an ancient hybrid may exist in the Himalayas which could be responsible for the Yeti myth.

One golden-brown hair sample came from an animal shot by a hunter in Ladakh, India, 40 years ago. The other, reddish-brown hair, was recovered from a high altitude bamboo forest in Bhutan. The site was described as the nest of a “migyhur”, or Bhutanese yeti.

Source: The Telegraph

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