Cornish Cow gets head stuck in Tree

A cow and a bullock had lucky escapes after they both get their heads stuck in the same tree days apart

Apparently, the internet has gone crazy for pictures of a Cow with its head stuck in a tree at Trelissick House in Cornwall 🐮

A cow and a bullock have both had lucky escapes after both getting their heads stuck in the same tree days apart.

The animals were found wedged at Trelissick House in Cornwall.

During the first incident last Friday, staff on the estate spent half an hour trying to find a way to free the bullock before deciding to chisel away some branches to release its ear.

In the second incident, which happened on Tuesday, a cow did exactly the same thing and was again freed by staff.

The National Trust has now fenced off the tree to stop the cattle from doing it again.



CW Staff
CW Staff

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