Bosnian Pyramids (Real?)

Are the Bosnian Pyramids of Sun, Moon and Dragon Real?

Bosnian Pyramids, Real?

This week, the Egyptian geologist Dr Aly Abd Barakat visited central Bosnia, to give his views on the hills that amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagic claims are 12,000 year old pyramids. After visiting all three sites, named by Osmanagic as the Bosnian Pyramids of Sun, Moon and Dragon, Dr Aly Abd Barakat said the hills did appear to be primitive human-made pyramids of uncertain age.

Huge stone blocks have been found at the sites and it was Dr Baraket’s conclusion, that they were made manually and polished in a similar way to those of the Egyptian Pyramids. The purpose of polishing is believed to reflect sun light, making the Pyramids visible from a great distance.

Dr Barakat also added that the sand layers between the blocks, were also very similar to the artificial cement used in ancient Egyptian pyramids. But Barakat said a detailed study was the only way to determine the exact age of the excavated blocks and the type of the material used, and said more Egyptian archaeologists would be joining the team in Bosnia very soon.

The theory about the Bosnian Pyramids has been denounced by archaeologists all over the world, who believe that the ancient civilisations of Europe lived in caves and would have not know how to build such structures.

Osmanagic has invited sceptics to come to Bosnia and see the evidence for themselves. “They say that civilisations could not build such objects. I say — here is an object, and I invite them to come and find out from which period it dates,” he told reporters who visited the site.

What are you views on the Bosnian Pyramids?
Do you think they are real, man-made 12,000 years ago? Or just hills, part of the natural surrounding landscape?

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