Pyramid found in Bosnia?

[inspic=11,right,fullscreen,thumb]Archaeologists have begun digging for what they think might be a pyramid hidden beneath a hill in Bosnia.

Initial excavations have revealed a narrow entrance to what could be an underground network of tunnels, so this looks like it’s not a natural feature. One archaeologist says it seems to resembles pyramid sites he has studied in Latin America. So their conclusion is that it has to be man-made.

Satellite photographs and thermal imaging revealed two other, smaller pyraamid-shaped hills in the Visoko Valley, which archaeologists believe the tunnels could lead to.

Workers also discovered a paved entrance plateau and large stone blocks that could be part of a pyramid’s outer surface. If this is correct, it would mean that tis is the first pyramid to be discovered in Europe.

There is evidence of 7,000-year-old human settlements in the valley, and a recent German archaeological dig also found 24,000 Neolithic artefacts only meters below ground.

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