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UFO Monday – 12th June 2006


This is the second of our new UFO Mondays. A weekly round up of some lessor known news, reports and stories from around the globe.

England won’t win World Cup, clam Aliens!
An ALIEN race has dashed England’s hopes for the World Cup, by speaking through former police worker Stephany Cohen, of Lancaster Close, Bromley.The Grays say England will reach the quarter finals, but told the 42-year-old that the team will struggle to advance any further.
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Mysterious Ball of light seen over St Helens (UK)
A MYSTERIOUS ball of light that zipped across St Helens skies on Monday night has been hailed as a possible UFO sighting.

A family from Haydock say they watched in utter amazement as the flashing light seared through the heavens and then vanished shortly after 10.15pm. Mum, Nicola Macmillan, 32, says she called the police after being stunned by the Unidentified Flying Object – and was told by an officer that similar sightings had been reported in Huyton and Wirral.
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Port Shepstone UFO still a mystery
The question still is buzzing among Port Shepstone residents – what exactly was it that “crashed” into the sea – was it a tornado in the making, or was it a UFO?
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More UFO sightings in South Africa
KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) skies have played host to three UFO sightings in the past nine days.

In the latest encounter, tipplers at the Firkin pub in Westville saw an oval-shaped, dimly-lit object moving in the night sky at around 19:00 on Friday. Although Firkin staff suggested that alcohol could’ve fuddled patrons’ vision, and that some of the clientele could well have been upside down staring at car headlights, the incident brings to three the total of weird, aerial phenomena.
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Whole town abducted in 1965 clams author!
Were you in Grantham on the evening of November 9, 1965?
Yes? Then you were abducted by aliens but inconveniently have had the memory wiped, according to a new book.

Indeed, only a cover-up by the Journal and all the usual Government suspects has prevented the story being told … until now.
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Roswell Autopsy film faked by Max Headroom creator?
THE creator of Max Headroom, a 1980s television cyber-presenter, has claimed he was one of the hoaxers behind the Roswell film, the grainy black and white footage supposedly showing a dead alien being dissected by American government scientists after a UFO crash.
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