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Johor Bigfoot Update (well, sort of)

Queries about the Johor Bigfoot continue to pour in from all over the world, with many Malaysians claiming to have seen the creature.

The New Straits Times printed the following news article yesterday (12th June 2006), giving a very brief update of the hunt for the Johor Bigfoot. Unfortunately nothing very exciting is or has happened, although more and more Malaysians are clamming to have seen the creature, which is good?

The State Government’s Bigfoot Committee, has be bombarded by sighting reports and calls for information, internationally as well as internally. I’m guessing they are trying to control the information to avoid a potentially frenzied race to see who finds it first. Assuming there is actually something out there to be found that is!

But it does make sense to try and go about this in a controlled manor, as the forests around Johor are ancient and have never really been explored properly, so anything could be hiding out there. The hunt for bigfoot, as exciting as it is, could easily turn into a disaster for any other undiscovered plants and animals if the government were to let any Tom, Dick or Harry go crashing around in its forests, slashing at everything with their shinny new Parangs (Machetes).

Bigfoot: Johor to verify new info

Queries about the Johor Bigfoot continue to pour in from all over the world, with many Malaysians claiming to have seen the creature.

State Tourism and Environment Committee chairman Freddie Long said the State Government’s Bigfoot Steering Committee had recently received some new information.

“However, we have to conduct more studies and get scientists to verify the information collected so far,” he said.

“A lot of people in Johor have reportedly seen the Bigfoot or its physical evidence such as giant footprints.”

Speaking at the annual general meeting of the Malaysian Nature Society Johor branch on Saturday, Long said he had received lots of email queries on the matter.

“Once the study is completed, we will provide a report to the scientists overseas.”

Long said the State also looked forward to working with non-government organisations such as MNS Johor to study and preserve the rich biodiversity of its ancient forests.

“Our immediate co-operation with MNS Johor is in setting up a bird sanctuary at the Bunker Trail in Gunung Panti. The site has become famous worldwide as a premier bird- watching spot.

“I have instructed the State Forestry Department to demarcate a 120ha area, which is home to about 300 species of birds, for the sanctuary.”

He added that the bird sanctuary would be part of the Gunung Panti National Park, which would be gazetted soon.

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