Wendy Connors

Wendy Connors

An amazing archive of UFO audio and video dating back to the 40s has been made available online. The archive was originally compiled by Wendy Connors and Roderick Dryke, now rediscovered and made available by Isaac Koi and Giuliano Marinkovic.

These files represent a collection of ufological oral history that cover the first appearances of flying saucers and UFOs in the popular Western media. They were compiled by Wendy Connors for her Faded Discs archives with material sourced from libraries and private collections like those of the Center for UFO Studies. She subjected herself to untold ear-ache and digitally remastered them to be more suitable for modern hearing tastes.

They include debates between NICAP and the USAF and several shows feature people like Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Ivan T. Sanderson and Kenneth Arnold.

You can search the archives and download copies on Archive.org (link: Wendy Connors)

We will be going through the archives and picking out some of the highlights over the coming weeks.

Written by Global UFO Bureau

Global UFO Bureau is small investigative organisation trying to help people identify UFOs. We use the term UFO to mean ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ and make no claim that any unidentified object is of Alien origin or of an advanced civilisation studying this planet — although the idea is intriguing!