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UFO spotted over Devon UK

Interesting picture of an Unidentified Object (UFO) over Devon, UK.

Interesting picture of an Unidentified Object (UFO) over Devon, UK.

UFO spotted over Devon UK
UFO spotted over Devon UK

Experts are unsure whether this suspected UFO is a bird, a plane or perhaps a spy drone hovering over the North Devon landscape.

The fascinating image was captured by photographer Rob Tibbles in a series of pictures taken on Saturday at Fullabrook wind farm.

But it was only when the camera man returned home and downloaded his work that he spotted the strange object gliding high above one of the turbines.

And even after zooming in on the object to have a closer look, it was still unclear what exactly it was.

The airbase at RMB Chivenor, near Barnstaple, which houses search and rescue helicopters, said they had not had any reported UFO sightings in the area, however a training exercise was conducted that day.

Dave Gillham, founder of the Cornwall UFO Research Group (CUFORG), based in Truro, said it was not unusual for unusual craft to be spotted near military installations.

Source: UFO spotted over Devon sky could be monitoring military activity at air bases, watcher claims
Links: Cornwall UFO Research Group (CUFORG)


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