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O’Hare UFO picture and links (pt2)

Today a picture appeared on the inter-net that is alleged to be the UFO that appeared over the O’Hare Airport on 7th December 2006.

The picture was taken with a mobile phone by a friend of a member of the abovetopsecret forum, who clams to have been at the airport at the time of the incident.

Setting aside for a moment as to whether the picture is real or not, I find it odd that this has only now come to light, as it is almost two months now since the sighting and subsequent media frenzy interest and FAA fiasco of are they or aren’t they investigating! (Did they investigate it in the end or not?)

I’ve enlarged a portion of the original image and enhanced the object in question, but because it was taken with a mobile phone, it is hard to say what it is. It could be a UFO, or it could just be a plane, a spec of dust on the lens or something on a window. Was it taken through a window, or even on a plane? I guess it could even be just a fake?

If the picture was genuinely taken on the day of the sighting, then it needs to be triangulated with where the object was seen. Not an easy task I know, but perhaps the author of the image can shed some more light on the exact location of where the picture was taken, which may help to identity the object.

You can see the whole image at abovetopsecret [link].

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