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More O’Hare UFO photos and links (pt3)

O'Hare UFO photos and links (part 3)
Photo of Ohare UFO?

It was only a matter of time and not a surprise to learn that shortly after the first fuzzy picture appeared on the net – see O’Hare UFO picture and links (pt2) there appeared several others. All (unsurprisingly) looking similar in shape, size and colour.

Now call me a cynic, but the two images that appeared today are – well – a lot like the first and that, like these are hard to work out if the grey blob is really is an unknown object, speck of dust, or just a plane taking off or landing!

Photo of Ohare UFO?

Ok so I am a cynic, but hopefully some real evidence will surface one day, but for now, I guess we will have to suffer more of these “very poor” camera-phone pics.

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