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David Icke interview (rant) Don’t take the Swine Flu Vaccine!

David Icke is a tough cookie to summarise, I like some of his theories, but struggle with others.

Personally I feel the (Swine) Flu Vaccine is a bit suspect, and think we have a right to ask questions and ultimately make up our own minds as to whether we should or shouldn’t take such a vaccine.

A quick internet search will bring up thousands and thousands of conspiracy theories about swine flu – be very careful what you believe, but make sure you do read some of it!

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  1. Where’s the science is all this? Vaccine’s and medicine in general has saved millions of lives over the last 80 years.

  2. Thank you Mr. Icke! I suspect bad stuff about it as you do. I do know that these pharmacuetical companies are frequently wicked. My family and I talked about this issue and suspect there are poisnous chemicals making this stuff for this ‘swine’ story they came up with. Because in fact, I already knew that some of the pills that were found by gov. outlawed and very murderous they ended up instead of destroying them, they sent them to a foreign countries and sold them to their gov. people to make small profits off their poor they were killing with them! Anybody who runs such a killing place ought to be thrown in prison for a life-time for selling death in pills. Of course they just call those actions, “dumping”. If they had dumped them in secret here in the U.S., they would have been punished. I pray for justice in this country.

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