Video: Pigeon Lays Egg in Frying Pan!

Oslo man finds a Pigeon had made a nest and laid an egg in a frying pan in his apartment kitchen!

Amazing, Stian Fjelldal came home to find a pigeon in his apartment, mess everywhere, but on the upside the pigeon had made a nest in his kitchen, even better, the nest was in a frying pan, and to top that, there was an egg in the pan!


I got home from work to my apartment in Oslo when I heard a lot of noice in the kitchen. It was a pigeon, and I was off course eager to get it out. I have forgotten to close the window before, and it got really messy, so I desided to document it this time.

I hassled a bit getting the bird out, then i started filming the poo and the mess. Until I came to the oven and realized the pigeon had not only made a nest, but also laid an egg – in my frying pan. At first sight a suitable place for nesting, but I don’t think the pigeon really knows what you normally do with a frying pan. Me myself like making omelets.

The poor pigeon kept coming back the same evening looking for her egg. Really heart braking, actually. But I couldn’t place the egg outside, the seagulls would just have taken it. So I’ll probably throw it. And I’ve been told pigeons lay more than one egg.


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