Dead Lizard found in can of Tomatoes! (Pics)

Anyone for canned Lizard The Lizard, long since dead, was found in a can of tomatoes by a pregnant women who was making lunch for her husband and son.

Anyone for canned Lizard? We regularly have news of foreign objects and unwanted little beasts found inside food packaging, but this is a little creepy


The Lizard, long since dead, was found in a can of tomatoes by a pregnant women who was making her son and husband lunch. Worrying, the can was one of a pack of twelve, and they had already eaten seven!

Sanam Hussain, who is seven months pregnant, screamed when she found the lizard, and has been left feeling shocked and ill at the thought of maybe getting food poisoning.

A pregnant woman became ill after discovering the small lizard in a can of tomatoes she was using while making her husband a son lunch.
Sanam Hussain, 27, is seven months pregnant and screamed when she spotted the dead reptile in the tomatoes while making the curry.
She has been put off her food and the family are now worried about food poisoning as they had already eaten seven of the pack pack of 12 tins they bought before finding the lizard.
Her husband, Muhammad, 33, said he rushed into the kitchen after hearing his wife’s cries as she cooked for him and their 15-month-old son.
He said the sight of the scaly, green creature lying face-down in the Euro Foods tomatoes made her feel ill.

Source: Pregnant woman horrified to find dead lizard floating in a can of tomatoes she was about to use to make curry for her 15-month-old son


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