Giant deep sea squid swims in to Japan bay on Christmas Eve

Giant Squid Japan

A giant squid was spotted on Christmas Eve in Japan’s Toyama Bay, roughly 344 kilometres (213 miles) northwest of Tokyo.

The bay is known for being a breeding ground for hordes of luminous firefly squid, but it’s a rare sight to see a giant squid swimming this close to shore according to diving shop owner Akinobu Kimura, speaking to CNN.

Video Published on 28 Dec 2015 – Courtesy Diving Shop Kaiyu/CNN

Kimura swam close and filmed the estimated 3.7 metre (12.1 foot) squid, before helping guide it back to the ocean. It’s the first sighting of a giant squid this season, which runs from November to March — there were 16 reports of these freaky creatures being caught in fishing nets last season, the outlet reported.

Written by CW Staff

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