CCTV of Elephant cleaning up the trash

Amazing video of an elephant cleaning up the trash and putting it in a bin!

Like all species, there are good and bad examples, this video from 2014 (appears to) show a good example of an elephant, caught by a CCTV camera cleaning up some rubbish and putting it in a trash can.


But as always, there are some who believe this to be a fake, and the elephant was trained, the video camera set-up and the trash left next to the bin on purpose, another suggestion that the elephant had simply watched humans picking-up trash and decided to copy them.

Either way, think we all should try and tidy up after ourselves more (perhaps a little less packaging in the first place might help!)

Amazing CCTV footage – What this elephant does will blow your mind, if they can do it, why can’t we!


CW Staff
CW Staff

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