Video – Virgin Mary’s lips ‘move’ on painting during prayer!

What can I say? This video clearly shows the lips moving on this painting of the Virgin Mary

What can I say? This video clearly shows the lips moving on this painting of the Virgin Mary.

Are you a believer?

Virgin Mary’s lips ‘MOVE’ on painting during prayer, stunned believers are flocking to the church to witness the unusual sight that has left even sceptics scratching their heads.

Hundreds of Christians are flocking to church to witness a ‘miracle’ painting of the Virgin Mary, who appears to join in with the Lord’s prayer. Stunned believers filmed the astonishing moment her lips appeared to move on the artwork during Mass last Sunday.

Footage shows the congregation saying the ‘Our Father’ prayer, but after several seconds it’s clear several Christians are distracted by something else.

If you look closely, the Virgin Mary’s mouth appears to move during the biblical reading, becoming clearer towards the end of the video.

Baffled, George Akary filmed what he believes is a ‘miracle’ in St Charbel’s church, Sydney, before posting it on Facebook. Churchgoers are stunned by the ‘miracle’.

He said: “To clarify for the viewers, I saw this during mass and at the end of mass the rosary is prayed. – Published on 22 Jul 2015

Source: YouTube (must be true).


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  1. ……, Im just wondering if the camera is picking up some heat haze from the hot air. Or maybe some kind of focal anomaly as the camera is aimed upwards to the right and not square to the painting. Interesting footage tho, and probably gives the believers a boost. #:)

    • Hi Toad, yes I suspect you are right, think the camera is also zoomed in, so combination of pixels and heat may have caused the effect. But people there swear they saw the lips move! Mass visions used to be common, but I’ve not heard of any recently.

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