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Long Island Basking Shark Video

Video of the Basking Shark that washed up on a Long Island beach on the 14th July 2009

Video of the Basking Shark that washed up on a Long Island beach on the 14th July 2009.

The now 20-foot-long (originally thought to be 24-foot) basking shark that washed ashore on a beach on New York’s Long Island on Tuesday appears to have died from some kind of illness.


New York State Parks official George Gorman said researchers will examine the basking shark to determine a cause of death. After that, it will be buried in nearby sand dunes on the beach.

After examining the basking shark, Tracy Marcus of Cornell University’s Long Island-based Sport Fishing Education Center said the shark weighs about a ton. She said it is unusual for an ailing basking shark to come ashore. Usually they die in the ocean.

The cause of the Long Island shark’s beaching may remain a mystery—as is where the giant creatures come from.

Source: National Geographic and YouTube.


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  1. OMG! I’ve heard their water is full of poison! That’s prolly what killed him. Better tell them people they better stay out of that water! Many people don’t understand how poison will seep into their skin.

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