Update on Siberian UFO Crash

A quick follow up to this mornings story UFO crash reported in Siberia. I came across an article on a site that quotes the following, unfortunately there is no link to the original source, so I don’t know if it is authentic.

A “flying apparatus” had been reported as crashing in Russia by numerous Russian news agencies, but officials in the crash area are now saying that the reports have been investigated and that it apparently did not happen.

A helicopter flyover identified the scene, and reported no evidence of fire or of any crash debris.

Siberian Regional Center of Ministry for Emergencies spokesperson Sergey Andriyanko has now said, “we report officially that it has been a false alarm.”

So it sounds like a mistake, somebody somewhere, possibly a local(?) got excited and jumped to a conclusion? Or did they?

If anybody finds the original source for the above, could they please let me know so that I can add a link.


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    January 8, 2007
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    January 8, 2007

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