Strange Lights everywhere, Lanterns, Military or UFOs?


More and more people are seeing strange lights (orange balls of fire) all over Britain, they have even been seen in parts of Europe. But what are they? My first thoughts are that they are just Chinese Lanterns, as they have become very popular over the last few years, and make a great (silent) alternative to fireworks. But the strange, sometimes erratic sometimes synchronised pattern of the lights would seem to suggest there is something else going on.

Strange lights seen over Merseyside, UK

Strange lights seen over Merseyside, UK

Darting silently in formation, the mysterious glowing orbs light up the night sky. Some say these orange lights even weave in between each other with the precision of a synchronised flying team from some far corner of the universe. Clusters of more than 100 have been spotted across Britain and even Holland, leaving onlookers with an eerie sense that, for all the mystifying beauty of the strange objects, they may have just witnessed an armada of invading UFOs. Source: Daily Mail

4 lights seen over Holland

4 lights seen over Holland

So what are they? The MOD (Ministry of Defence) have been checking their logs to see if the lights were part of military exercise, which as you can image has excited UFO enthusiasts, especially if the MOD comes back and say “nope, nothing to do with us”.

26+ UFOs seen over Lincoln, UK

26+ UFOs seen over Lincoln, UK

The latest sighting accrued on the 31st May 2009 around 10.30pm when Paul Slight and friends spotted lights in the sky over Lincoln, “There were 26 of them at first, dodging and darting in between each other like they were playing a game,’ he said (see 20+ UFOs spotted over Lincoln UK). The lights eventually shot straight up into the atmosphere and disappeared, which is not very lantern like. Earlier in May 2009, a set of 4 lights were seen in Holland. They have also recently been seen in Merseyside, Cambridgeshire and of course London.

I’ve quickly gone through all the recent sights of Strange Lights here on Cryptoworld and added the tag Strange Lights, which you can use to find all of the stories.

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