Champ Video causes a stir

Everybody has gone Champ (lake monster) mad after a video was posted on YouTube which clams to show something in the lake at Oakledge Park in Burlington, Vermont.

Interestingly the owner of the video has said I put this up because it was strange, not because I think it is “Champ.” So if it’s not Champ, what is it?

Champ, a Swimmer or a Log?
Still from the SOMETHING in the lake (video) at Oakledge Park on Sunday 31st May 2009 05.30am.

Orginal video caption: I shot this video (with cellphone) of SOMETHING in the lake at Oakledge Park on Sunday (05/31/09) early am (0530 or so). Was anyone else out and about around Oakledge on Sunday just after sunrise who saw this as well?

View the orginal video here: Strange sighting on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.

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CW Staff

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  1. First of all, I apologize, this lake monster is really a (FAKE) monster. If you look at the nearby vertical log (which really was just one of a few reference points for digital manipulation) and the fake monster itself, you can see a lot of graphic element artifacts around the head, but none on the log, so this lake monster, is nothing but a fake, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I, myself was really hoping it was the real thing. Until I saw the video (which was terrible).

  2. @Gamble, no need to apologise – I never said it was real and I think most people think it’s a bit suspect. But it is interesting to see how much fuss the video has caused.

    I’d advise having a look at the Related Links to Cryptomundo though (above).

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