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Were Rabbit Where?

Call Anti-Pesto! A 'monstrous' rabbit is on the loose in Felton, Northumberland (UK), and its been ripping up prize winning leeks and turnips. Said to be huge, locals have clubbed together and hired a marksmen with orders to shoot to kill!

I don’t believe it! It must be a joke? What? It’s real you say? I still don’t believe it…

Wallace and Gromit

But it is true, there seems to be a ‘large’ or as some have described ‘monstrous’ rabbit on the loose in Felton, Northumberland (UK). Its been ripping up dozens of prize winning leeks and turnips, taking huge bites out of cabbages and carrots, and generally causing such a fuss, that a local sharp shooter, possibly a relative of Victor Quartermaine, has been called in. But animal welfare workers and the RSPCA have urged the growers to set a humane trap for the beast, so they can release it elsewhere. That’s it, just pass the buck onto somebody else!!!

A brute of a thing
Reminiscent of the resent Wallace and Gromit film, locals have cursed this over-sized bunny as their very own ‘were-rabbit’. “This is no ordinary rabbit,” said one local, another clams to have seen its footprints, and “they are huge, bigger than a deer.” Crazy!

Call Anti-Pesto I say! Or perhaps a bit of Stinking Bishop will draw it from its burrow?

BBC Link : Hunt for real life ‘were-rabbit’.


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