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Weird contrails over Scotland

Mysterious object runs rings around onlookers. Is the RAF trying to make clouds?

[singlepic=89,240,155,,right]At the end of June (2006) a mysterious object, later identified as an RAF plane(?) has been seen circling over the Banffshire coast (Scotland) for over six hours.

Local villager Norman Defoe first spotted the aircraft at around 10am.

He said: “At first I thought it was a jumbo jet, but after a look through binoculars I saw it was grey. It was going round in circles for hours, leaving a trail of vapour behind it. I was sure something must be going on.”

Another local living near Peterculter said “I have been watching the aircraft for several days now, on the 26th of June it was circling over Aberdeen for many hours leaving circular trails and today, the 28th, it is out past Peterculter and I have been watching it all morning.”

He added: “Curiously the aircraft appears to be too low to be leaving conventional contrails and these ‘contrails’ do not disperse as normal but create a dirty grey haze.”

An RAF spokesman said it was possible the plane was part of a standard training exercise, however “This sort of training goes on all the time, it’s just that you can’t usually see it. Normally the planes are hidden by the clouds. It’s a clear day though, that’s why people are noticing.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence later confirmed the aircraft had been taking part in a month-long training exercise called Neptune Warrior.

So was the aircraft just an innocent AWACS (Airborne Waning and Control System) monitoring the exercise, or was it another type of plane, deliberately trying to make clouds?

Do you live along the coast near Aberdeen and have any stories or photographs of the aircraft or the contrails? Contact Cryptoworld.

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  1. Hi, this was almost certainly an AWACs on a routine training sortie or an exercise. The flight pattern described is absolutely consistent with that. No mystery at all, in my opinion.

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