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Dusky Shark found on beach after Cyclone Marcia

A shark has been found washed up on Lennox Head Beach is thought to have been a victim of Cyclone Marcia.

A shark has been found washed up on Lennox Head Beach is thought to have been a victim of Cyclone Marcia. The four-foot long shark is thought to be a dusky whaler, so only a small specimen as they can grow up to fourteen feet (4.2m).


Cyclone Marcia has thrashed the Queensland coastline, ripping up trees, flooding houses, leaving thousands without power and now it has left a shark stranded on a popular NSW beach.

The shark, believed to be a dusky whaler, was reportedly dumped on Lennox Head Beach today after ferocious winds and tides lashed down on the tourist town.

Taking to his Facebook page, local Victor Leto posted the unbelievable photo, which was taken by Andy Leto and appears to show the four-foot shark stuck on the sand.

Source: DailyMail

dusky-shark2The dusky shark (Carcharhinus obscurus) is a species of requiem shark, in the family Carcharhinidae, occurring in tropical and warm-temperate continental seas worldwide. A generalist apex predator, the dusky shark can be found from the coast to the outer continental shelf and adjacent pelagic waters, and has been recorded from a depth of 400 m (1,300 ft). Populations migrate seasonally towards the poles in the summer and towards the equator in the winter, traveling hundreds to thousands of kilometers. One of the largest members of its genus, the dusky shark reaches 4.2 m (14 ft) in length and 347 kg (765 lb) in weight. It has a slender, streamlined body and can be identified by its short round snout, long sickle-shaped pectoral fins, ridge between the first and second dorsal fins, and faintly marked fins.


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