Icebergs are washing up on Cape Cod beaches after winter weather

Huge icebergs and large blocks of sea ice have been washing up on the beach around Cape Cod Bay after wintry weather and strong wind and waves

Huge icebergs and large blocks of sea ice have been washing up around Cape Cod Bay after record breaking wintry weather and strong winds.

A Wellfleet-based photographer, who goes by the alias “Dapixara,” has captured awe-inspiring images of icebergs tossed ashore by winds and waves. Satellite imagery had detected an extensive area of sea ice in Cape Cod Bay during February, which had not been seen during the milder winters of recent years.

Boston, which about a three-hour drive from Wellfleet, received 64.8 inches of snow in the month of February, enough to blow away the record for snowiest February.

Source: Mashable and Twitter


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