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Voyage to Our Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth concept.

Of all the crazy things I’ve ever found and read on the internet, this has to be one of the most amazing!

To Quote: Would you be interested in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover Our Hollow Earth first hand? If so, we invite you to join us for an epedition to the North Pole with Steve Currey, one of the leading river explorers in the world!

Sound crazy? Well it’s true, there really is an expedition planed for next year, to try and find scientific proof for the existence of a hole in the North Pole, and if they do find proof they plan to personally visit that paradise within and meet the highly advanced, friendly people who live there!

The trip is open to anybody who is willing to cough up $18,950 to $20,950, but if you are interested, don’t hesitate too long — as there are only 100 places available!

Hollow earth theories re nothing new, and a quick internet search brings up pages and pages of the stuff. I had thought the idea had go well out of favour of late, but I guess I’m wrong, and will be keeping an eye on this expedition — you never know, they may actual find something…

Cryptoworld question — If you have a spare $20,000 would you be tempted?

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Update: Unfortunately Steve Currey, the organiser of the expedition has died. As a result, the Voyage to Our Hollow Earth website has been closed and all future trips have been cancelled!


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  1. I am a keen hopeful of the idea of the hollow earth. I just one to ask one question though, if the hole is true, then why has this not been publicly announced-because it is a government secret. Surely they have satelite images of the north pole.How then can this trip happen. The US army will probably not allow this expedition to rake place!

  2. If it was genuine they woudl hav ebenn on the trip and come back by now, but they havent been .. postponed cancelled posponed etc …

  3. Ah ,,,The chap that was selling the trip died of cancer and Surprise ! another company offered a trip in 2007 ( Never happened) and now advertises 2009 for the trip … Its a big scam. Interesting way of skimming money off of gulible rich fools though. No evidence and no trip will ever happen !

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