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Friday’s Round-up

You may remember that I tried to start a Friday’s Round-up last year, but I failed miserably. So miserably in fact I only managed one Friday!

But now, with UFO Mondays , I want to try and re-start a quick update of the weeks news and stories – some of which I have already talked about during the week, and others I’ve been following or noticed, but didn’t necessarily think were worth their very own post. So here goes, Friday 16th June 2006.

On Cryptoworld this week:

UFOs and Aliens started off the week, with a family from Haydock seeing a a flashing ball of light speed across the sky, before disappearing into the clouds, and Aliens allegedly communicated through a former police working, warning England would reach the semi-finals, but struggle to get any further! I’m not a big fan of the sport, but I’m now intrigued to see how far we do get, and if the ‘Aliens’ were right!

More UFOs, Port Shepstone residents are still wondering what fell into the sea on the 20th May. Cryptoworld is investigating a similar story that happening around 15 years ago, where somebody appears to have captured an unknown object over the sea on video. I guess a ‘stay tuned for more info’ is in order for that story!

An update of sorts appeared on Monday in the Malaysian New Straits Times. Apparently, the Malaysian State Government’s ‘Bigfoot Committee’ have been inundated with sighting reports of the alleged Johor Bigfoot. It’s not very clear what is really happening in the forest around Johor, but it sounds like there is some sort of organised search taking place, but by who or where is unclear. Several major Bigfoot research groups and (so called) experts have offered to help or would like to conduct there own investigation, but the Malaysian Government isn’t playing ball, understandably I guess, because if there is something out there, Malaysia should by rights, be the first to find it!

Cryptoworld was excited to hear that there has been at least four new sighting of the Tasmanian Tiger in the last three months. We are gathering information on recent sightings of the Thylacine, as we would like to plan expedition to Australia and Tasmania next year. So if you have any info, please let us know — contact Cryptoworld?Hollow Earth expedition planned for 2007 – need I say more? I guess if I really did have $20,000 spare, I would be tempted to go alone for the ride. We will definitely keep an eye on their progress…

Other news:

Archaeologists believe a 4,500-year-old skeleton of a man, found in Mexico, may have purposely had his teeth cutout to make room for dentures made from animal fangs. The fangs were most probably that of a wolf or big cat, and would have been used in ceremonial ritual, indicating the man was probably a shaman.
Read more: Skeleton ‘may have had wolf-fang dentures’.

The carcass of a young beluga whale found in a river in central Alaska, nearly 1,000 miles from its natural ocean habitat. Scientist are not sure if it swam the wrong way up the river in search of food, of if it is an elaborate stunt. The latter seems a little extreme as it was found in an area where hardly anybody visits’!
Read more: Whale Carcass Mystifies Alaska Scientists.

This years Crop Circle season has a slow start, but there is now believed to be five formation in the UK, two of which are in Wiltshire. Cryptoworld will no doubt head out about to investigate this years field-art, seeing how we now live Wiltshire!
Read more: Crop Circle Connector 2006.


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