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US Soybean Crop Circle

Soybean Crop Circle
Soybean Crop Circle

A five circle formation has been found in a field of soybean near Geneseo, Illinois. The farmer, Jim Stahl’s said the circles appeared as they always do – out of nowhere!

The five circles in his soybean field create a geometric pattern. Three of the circles are the same size – about 50 feet in diameter — and are connected like beans in a pod.

The other two circles are half the size of the others and flank them on either side. They appear to be precisely the same distance from the main circle.

The local county sherif was called, but the farmer wasn’t quite shore what to say, “This is not an emergency, but I think you might want to take a look” he said.

The crop has been laid in a clockwise pattern, but the plants appear to be growing normally. There is no noticeable evidence of anybody entering or even leaving the formation, so jokingly, the sherif released the following statement – “If anyone happens to see a UFO with attached soybeans, please contact Henry County Crime Stoppers.”

The whole thing seems to have been taken quite light-heartedly, but the sherif did add, “There is just no sensible, reasonable, intelligent explanation for these things.”

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Source, Quad-City Times [Link]


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