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UFOs and Helicopters filmed near Horn Lake

Interesting video of unknown lights and what appears to be a lot of helicopters over Horn Lake, south of Memphis (exact location unknown)...

Interesting video of unknown lights and what appears to be a lot of helicopters over Horn Lake, south of Memphis (exact location unknown). Half way through the video 3 new lights seem to appear out of thin air below the original group.

A word of warning, this video contains swearing.

Video caption: Around 10:30 (21 May 2009) a formation of lights sit in the sky as helicopters head for it. And towards the end watch as 3 lights appear below them. You get to see one appear out of nowhere. Its amazing thing to see.im excited.Hope to get more videos of these strange lights. We did go down to memphis but its too far so we stopped.


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In the late 80s I started investigating UFOs and crop circles and joined the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies) and a local group researching strange sightings and reports along the south coast of Dorset (UK). In the early ’90s I started my own research group called SPS (Strange Phenomena Studies), this was renamed in 2004 to Cryptoworld.

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  1. Ya know these strange lights are something amazing and changeable. I saw the weirdest couple of lights one night and got a good video of the single one trying to get in the house next door. At first it was no bigger than a couple of fists but it hovered over the door a couple of times and stretched out to cover the whole door and I could see the neon blue lights that looked like it’s legs or something and I assumed it was trying to get in the door. After that were incredible number of them but if they are still here we can’t see them because they have adapted to the colors of all the lights in this neighborhood. All I could think is that it is aliens or it’s our people’s technology that was sent to observed and study the people around here. I sure would like to know the answer to that…

  2. Not in the video, but regarding your comment, this could be a natural effect. Chain or Ball lightening can be small and is usually seen dancing down telephone poll wires. It can go through things also. When you fly at altitude, you can get these eerie lightening fingers that attach to your metal cockpit window frames. It’s called St. Elmo’s fire. Sometimes a ball of the stuff will pass right through your front windscreen and bounce right down on to the instrument panel between the pilots and roll straight back through the aircraft. The footage in the video above is kind of cool, because if the lights were also helicopters, there would be no reason for the other helicopters to go investigate what was happening. They’d know they were helicopters already.

  3. Zena… I am over half century old and have see some of the strangest things with out explanation.
    Over the years there have been few, who didn’t look at me like I’d lost my mind, lost a couple of people here and there too… who wants to hang out with a crazy person with delusions??? (Is that thing gonna bite!!!) Ive lived in several states and the two largest sightings and experiences, California and Oregon. I don’t care if anyone believes me or not, I cherish the sightings for the adventure and mystery they have brought to my life…. sometimes it gets hard to know if what’s real is real or if the other is the larger reality that we do not and cannot know about. For me… I Trust God. I Rely on my Savior Jesus Christ and Believe that God has a Plan to SAVE Man and ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE… Trust the Good Lord and Love your people and just keep standing…. enjoy the adventure and live your life long and well. Peace in Jesus, Rosehippi

  4. Flyboy, thXs for your thoughts. But the thing is there WAS no lighting that night. I can confirm that none of your other thoughts could be at all possible that night. It was almost 4am when I got off the computer and that time at night was extremely unusual that night. That is when I saw them. I wll show you where my vids are google one little better to see the light throwing himself against those people’s doors and the two of them that doesn’t look as bright as they used to on youtube. In all of them too you can see a light pulsating in the left top of that window by the door. At first I thought it was a light from inside shining out, to my naked eye it looked steady and fairly bright…but then I realized I had never seen anyone EVER shine a light thru that window and have checked off and on since then. None. There must be something built solidly against the inside of that window. The light that seemed to be throwing himself against that door and fly to the ground and then fast back to throw himself and I don’t think he was anything about weather ’cause even when I had to finally lay down I would wake up and look over there again and he was there from 4 to somwhere around 6:30 or 7, The LIGHT of the rising sun was still showing him!

    Ok, links to videos:




  5. Rosehippi; thXs so much for telling me about it. I think I make some people a little careful to be around ’cause of some of the stuff I’v seen or experienced. I’m prolly the same age as you and life seems to get more and more amazing on some things and maybe I’ll have to wait to go to a life after to really get the answers I wonder about like what I saw just across the street. If you want to see the vids I left the links with flyboy if you’d like to check’em out. Have a wonderful week. Later.

  6. Oh, guys, I forgot to tell you about some of the different things I saw. My sister saw the round thing first and run in to get me and show and it weird seeing it over the building where they settled in and didn’t move while clouds blew over and past it. It’s hard on the video but I thought I’d give you the link to try and see it. I also should have told you about them multiplying a week or two after it that I got video on it. I think they are still around but now imposible to see, I think they adapted themselves to the same color of lights around us with the old street lambs and such. I also got the feeling that those two were a male and a female. I think it was the male trying to get the house opened.


    Multiply: (3-vids)

    1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m105IYeiQA
    2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6NWqdczvic
    3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP77mX2naLE

    On the last street light you can see it changing colors for once like the the ‘lights’. I think some were so invisible, that they could do the color change passing by it. Only seen that light do once. This is the last vid with it in.

    Later. Tell me what you think it might be. No rain, wind, or lightening that night either. (Okla.)

  7. Hi everybody, thanks for your comments and particularly the links to the videos.

    @Zena where were these videos taken? Do you have time, place details? Also if it’s not a personal question could you let me know your sisters age and your age? If you want you can contact me via Cryptoworld’s Contact page.

    Thanks again,
    Cryptoworld Admin

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