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Forgotten Adamski UFO analysis documentary found

A long forgotten documentary which includes an analysis of a rare film taken by George Adamski, an icon from the early days of the modern age of UFO sightings, has surfaced on YouTube thanks to the effort of historian Neil Gould.

The 7 segment YouTube film is well worth watching in its entirety, but a particularly compelling segment discusses a seldom seen film, originally shot by Adamski himself in the presence of Madeline Rotterfor in the back yard of her house in Silver Spring, Maryland, in February 1965.

What the segment shows is the analysis done on the film, which–along with the testimony of Rotterfor, Sir Desmond Leslie and others who knew Adamski personally–makes a compelling case for the authenticity of the non-human origin of the saucer seen to dance in the sky.

Layered behind the photo analysis conducted at Kodak labs are a number of testimonials and accounts that shed new light on one of the most familiar names in early UFO history.


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  1. George Adamski… “UFO” … Street lamps in Bolton (1970s) Darcy Lever and other areas. I’ve done loads of research on this and I actually remember the lamps myself! I believe that at one stage, Adamski, did visit Bolton….
    George Adamski was a faker. I detest people like Adamski as they give true investigators a bad name. No wonder the UFO phenomenon is ridiculed.
    I should know. I had an abduction “episode” in 1991. The craft that I encountered was triangular shaped. According to the “guys” on board; their “ships” were never saucer shaped.

    PS. Do some research on Bolton, UK, Steet lamps from that era.

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