UFO sightings increase over Cape Town

Bright Orange Light, South Africa

Bright Orange Light, South Africa

UFO (Unidentified Objects!) sightings have increased dramatically over the last few months off the coast of Cape Town. Most are Orange glowing objects (which could just indicate an increase in the use of Chinese lanterns), but some appear to hover and radically change direction.

Gert Jordaan, founder of UFO Research of SA, said that between February 21 and February 27 many people reported seeing bright orange lights and flames in the sky.

He said that while some sightings could be attributed to meteor showers, others could have a more interesting explanation.

“Though meteors do glow orange, some of the sightings reported radical change in direction and speed. Some objects even remained stationary for five minutes or so. There might be some UFO phenomena occurring in areas around Cape Town,” said Jordaan.

Source: UFO sightings on the rise in South Africa.
More info: UFO Research of South Africa.


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