More two headed animals, this time a calf called Sana Saida (Arabic for Happy New Year) which was born on December 20th (2013) in the village of Sefrou Morocco (20miles from Fez).

Two Headed Calf born in Morocco

It’s been a bizarre start to the year for local residents in a Moroccan village after the birth of a two-headed calf. Born on December 30 in the northern village of Sefrou, the calf was named Sana Saida, which means happy new year in Arabic.

The young animal has been attracting a lot of attention from locals, who are flocking to the farm located less than 20 miles from Fez. The calf’s condition is known as polycephalic, which means having more than one head.

Two Headed Calf born in Morocco

Source: Two heads are better than one: Two-headed calf born in Morocco

Written by CW Staff

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