Three lights forming a triangle filmed over Pingguoyuan Beijing (date and time unknown). There have been lots of interesting footage recently, which appears to show triangle shaped craft — Alines or just a Secret Stealth Plane? Reminds me of the black triangle craft spotted over Glastonbury in the 90s!

The authors description: Not much Info on this except it was witnessed by many people and even attracted the attention of local news media. Details are sketchy but I will re-post if I get anymore info. As always you be the judge.

Written by CW Staff

In the late 80s I started investigating UFOs and crop circles and joined the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies) and a local group researching strange sightings and reports along the south coast of Dorset (UK). In the early ’90s I started my own research group called SPS (Strange Phenomena Studies), this was renamed in 2004 to Cryptoworld.