Top 10 Most Read Stories from July 2009

I foolishly forgot to do this in June, but thought it a good idea to let you know the Top 10 Most Read Stories in July (2009).

The alleged Sewer Monster!
The alleged Sewer Monster!

1) Very Weird Unknown life form found in Sewers! (Video)
Unsurprisingly, the Sewer monster is still the top read post. What is it? The debate seems to still be ongoing.
Read more, watch the video and decide for yourselves >>>

2) Sewer Creature is REAL – but not what you’d expect!
Following in 2nd place is one possible answer – Bloodworms (Tubifex tubifex) – what’s your thoughts?
Watch the video here >>>

Giant Catfish
Girl catches Giant Catfish!

3) Schoolgirl catches Monster Catfish
Schoolgirl angler Jessica Wanstall netted a record when she hooked this monster fish that was more than twice the size of her.
Read the full story (with photo) here >>>

4) Tall Blond Haired Aliens spotted by Police Officer in Wiltshire?
A Police Sergeant has come forward claiming to have seen three exceptionally tall beings inspecting a crop circle near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire.
Read the full story here >>>

5) Jumbo Squid found on beach after Earthquake! (Video)
Residents near a San Diego beach awoke on Saturday (11th July 2009) to find dozens of jumbo squid (Humboldt squid) flapping helplessly on the shore — about an hour after an earthquake – any connection?
Watch the video here >>>

6) Tiny Monkey found in Amazon!
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced that is had discovered a new monkey in a remote region of the Amazon in Brazil.
Read the full story here >>>

More Islington UFOs
Strange Lights over London

7) Orange balls of light seem over South London
Crowds of people gathered in Balham and Tooting (South London) to watch two sets of orange lights fly in formation across the night sky.
Still a very popular story – now with 62+ comments.
Read the full story here >>>

8 ) Ancient blood-sucking lamprey found in River Thames
An ancient blood-sucking fish has been found in the Thames by a 13-year-old boy.
Read the full story here >>>

9) Multicoloured Triangular Shaped UFO filmed over China (Video)
Strange multicoloured UFO filmed over Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province in China. The object looks triangular in shape, but could perhaps be just a reflection?
Watch the video here >>>

10) Monster Snake spotted in Rumford Canal!
Police told the Sun Journal of Lewiston that two people contacted them Wednesday (1st July 2009) saying they had seen a monster snake, perhaps up to 17 feet long, enter the canal behind a local store.
Read the full story here >>


CW Staff
CW Staff

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